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Electrical Connection; Bench Mounting - Black & Decker BPSM1510 Instructions Manual

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Don't-Perform any operation freehand.
Don't-Reach around or behind saw blade.
Don't-Place hands closer than 6 inches from the saw
Don't-Reach underneath the saw unless it is turned off
and unplugged. The saw blade is exposed on the
underside of the saw.
Don't-Move either hand from saw or workpiece or raise
arm until blade has stopped.
Don't-Use without Kerf Plate or when kerf slot is wider
than 3/8"
Don't- Carry saw by work extension or other accessory.
Caution: Some wood contains preservatives
such as copper chromium arsenate (CCA)
which can be toxic. When cutting these
materials extra care should be taken to avoid inhalation and
minimize skin contact.
Caution: Use of this tool can generate dust
containing chemicals known to cause cancer,
birth defects or other reproductive harm. Use
appropriate respiratory protection.
Caution: Do not connect unit to electrical power
source until complete instructions are read and
For your convenience and safety, the following warning
labels are on your mitre saw.
On motor housing:
Warning: For your own safety, read instruction
manual before operating saw. When servicing,
use only identical replacement parts. always
wear eye protection.
On fence: Clamp small pieces before cutting. see manual.
On guard:
Danger: Keep away from blade.
On guard retainer plate: "properly secure bracket with both
screws before use." on table: (2 sitios)
Always tighten adjustment knobs before
use. Keep hands 6" from path of saw
blade. Never perform any operation
freehand. Never cross arms in front of
blade. Think! You can prevent accidents.
Do not operate saw without guards in place. Never reach in
back of saw blade. always wear eye protection. Shut off
power and wait for blade to stop before servicing, adjusting
tool, or moving hands.

Electrical connection

Be sure your power supply agrees with the nameplate
marking. A voltage decrease of 10 percent or more will
cause a loss of power and overheating. All B&D tools are
factory tested. If this tool does not operate, check the power
Place the saw on a smooth, flat surface such as a
workbench or strong table. Examine Fig. A & B and refer to
the parts description to become familiar with the saw and its
various parts. The following section on adjustments will refer
to these terms and you must know what and where the parts
are. The part name is followed by the corresponding part
number Example - lock down pin (10). Press down lightly on
the operating handle and pull out the lock down pin (10), as
shown in Fig. C. Gently release the downward pressure and
allow the arm to rise to its full height. Use the lock down pin
when carrying the saw from one place to another. Use the
operating handle (1) to transport the saw or the hand
indentations (11) shown in Fig. B after unplugging.

Bench mounting

Bench mounting holes (8) are provided in all four feet to
facilitate bench mounting, as shown in FIG. A. (Two different
sized holes are provided to accommodate different sizes of
screws. Use either hole, it is not necessary to use both.)
Always mount your saw firmly to prevent movement. To
enhance the tool's portability, it can be mounted to a piece of
1/2" or thicker plywood which can then be clamped to your
work support or moved to other job sites and reclamped.


Table of Contents

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