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Black & Decker BPSM1510 Instructions Manual page 6

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If the saw does not cut accurately, refer to the trouble
shooting chart in this manual.
Warning! When using electric tools, basic
safety precautions should always be followed to
reduce risk of fire, electric shock, and personal
injury, including the following:
Safety warnings: double insulation
Double insulated tools are constructed throughout with two
separate layers of electrical insulation or one double
thickness of insulation between you and the tool's electrical
system. Tools built with this insulation system are not
intended to be grounded. As a result, your tool is equipped
with a two prong plug which permits you to use extension
cords without concern for maintaining a ground connection.
Note: Double insulation does not take the place of normal
safety precautions when operating this tool. The insulation
system is for added protection against injury resulting from a
possible electrical insulation failure within the tool.
Warning: When servicing all tools, use
identical replacement parts. repair or replace
damaged cords.
Safety instructions: polarized plugs
To reduce the risk of electric shock, this equipment has a
polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). This plug
will fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not
fit fully into the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit,
contact a qualified electrician to install the proper utlet. Do
not change the plug in any way.
Warning: Failure to heed these warnings may
result in personal injury and serious damage to
the saw.
Additional safety rules for mitre saws
Do not use saw blades which are damaged or
Do-Protect electric supply line with at least a 15 ampere
time-delay fuse or a circuit breaker.
Do-Make certain the blade rotates in the correct
direction and that the teeth at the bottom of the blade
are pointing to the rear of the mitre saw.
Do-Be sure all clamp handles are tight before starting
any operation.
Do-Be sure all blade and clamp washers are clean and
recessed sides of collars are against blade. Tighten
arbor screw securely.
Do-Keep saw blade sharp.
Do-Keep motor air slots free of chips and dirt.
Do-Use blade guards at all times.
Do-Keep hands out of path of saw blade.
Do-Shut off power, disconnect cord from power source
and wait for saw blade to stop before servicing or
adjusting tool.
Do-Support long work with an outboard tool rest.
Do-Use only 10 inch diameter blades.
Don't-Attempt to operate on anything but designated
Don't-Operate unless all clamp handles are tight.
Don't-Use blades larger or smaller than those which are
Don't-Wedge anything against fan to hold motor shaft.
Don't-Force cutting action. (Stalling or partial stalling of
motor can cause major damage. Allow motor to reach full
speed before cutting.)
Don't-Cut ferrous metals (Those with any iron or steel
content) or any masonry.
Don't-Use abrasive wheels. The excessive heat and
abrasive particles generated by them will damage saw.
Don't-Allow anyone to stand behind saw.
Don't-Apply lubricants to the blade when it's running.
Don't-Place either hand in the blade area when the saw
is connected to the power source.
Don't-Use blades rated less than 5500 R.P.M.
Don't-Attempt to cut small pieces (hand within 6" of
blade) without clamping.
Don't-Operate saw without guards in place.


Table of Contents

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