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Black & Decker BDCMTTS-XE User Manual

3-3/8 inch (86mm) trimsaw attachment
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3-3/8 INCh (86 mm)
New Zealand



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  Summary of Contents for Black & Decker BDCMTTS-XE

  • Page 1 QUICK CONNECT SYSTEM 3-3/8 INCh (86 mm) TRImSAw ATTAChmENT Australia New Zealand BDCMTTS-XE...
  • Page 2: Parts And Features

    PARTS AND FEATURES Figure A 1. Trim saw attachment 5. Shoe 2. Lock-off button 6. Upper guard 3. Spindle lock 7. Lower saw blade guard 4. Wrench 8. Retracting lever...
  • Page 3: Specific Safety Rules

    (Original instructions) ENGLISH Intended use Your Black & Decker multi-purpose tool has been designed for a wide range of DIY applications. Using the Trim saw head, this tool is intended for cutting wood and wood products. This tool is intended for consumer use only. Safety instructions General power tool safety warnings To reduce the risk of injury, the user must read the instruction manual.
  • Page 4: Causes And Operator Prevention Of Kickback

    ENGLISH (Original instructions) CAUSES AND OPERATOR PREVENTION OF KICKBACK • Kickback is a sudden reaction to a pinched, bound or misaligned saw blade, causing an uncontrolled saw to lift up and out of the workpiece toward the operator. • When the blade is pinched or bound tightly by the kerf closing down, the blade stalls and the motor reaction drives the unit rapidly back toward the operator.
  • Page 5 (Original instructions) ENGLISH • Keep your body positioned to either side of the blade, but not in line with the saw blade. KICKBACK could cause the saw to jump backwards (see Causes and Operator Prevention of Kickback and KICKBACK). • Avoid cutting nails. Inspect for and remove all nails from lumber before cutting. •...
  • Page 6: To Reduce The Risk Of Kickback

    ENGLISH (Original instructions) WARNING: Use of this tool can generate and/or disburse dust, which may cause serious and permanent respiratory or other injury. Always use NIOSH/OSHA approved respiratory protection appropriate for the dust exposure. Direct particles away from face and body. Always operate tool in well-ventilated area and provide for proper dust removal.
  • Page 7: Lower Blade Guard

    (Original instructions) ENGLISH Secure the workpiece to a stable platform as shown in Figure D. It is important to support the work properly to minimize body exposure, blade binding, or loss of control. ASSEMBly/ADjUSTMENT SET-UP WARNING: To reduce the risk of injury, always remove battery from saw before any of the following adjustment operations.
  • Page 8 ENGLISH (Original instructions) • Always secure work to prevent workpiece movement during cut. • Do not try to force saw back on line if your cut begins to go off line. This can cause KICKBACK. Stop saw and allow blade to coast down to a stop. Withdraw from cut and start a new cut on the line. •...
  • Page 9: Operation

    (Original instructions) ENGLISH WARNING: To minimize the risk of eye injury, always use eye protection. Carbide is a hard but brittle material. Foreign objects in the work piece such as wire or nails can cause tips to crack or break. Only operate saw when proper saw blade guard is in place.
  • Page 10: Blade Selection

    ENGLISH (Original instructions) BlADE SElECTION your circular saw is designed for use with 3-3/8 inch (86 mm) diameter blades that have a 15 mm diameter bore. Blades must be rated for 3000 RPM operation (or higher). NOTE: This saw is designed to cut wood and plastic. Do not use masonry or metal cutting blades.
  • Page 11: Troubleshooting

    • Attachment is not secured. • Make certain the attachment is fully pushed into the Power Unit. MAINTENANCE Use only mild soap and damp cloth to clean the tool. Never let any liquid get inside the tool; never immerse any part of the tool into a liquid. IMPORTANT: To assure product SAFETY and RELIABILITY, repairs, maintenance and adjustment (other than those listed in this manual) should be performed by authorized service centers or other qualified service personnel, always using identical replacement parts. ACCESSORIES wARNING: The use of any accessory not recommended for use with this tool could be hazardous. Recommended accessories for use with your tool are available from your local dealer or authorized service center. If you need assistance regarding accessories, please call: 1-800-444-224 Technical data when operate with 18V MATRIX unit TrimSaw BDCMTTS-XE no-load speed 0-3400/min RPM Weight 729g...
  • Page 12 Australia & New Zealand Stanley Black & Decker 82 Taryn Drive, Epping, VIC 3076 Australia Tel.1800 444 224 (Aust) or Tel. 0800 339 258 (NZ) 07/2012 90589521 REV-0...

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