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Maintenance; Special Cuts - Black & Decker BPSM1510 Instructions Manual

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Instructions for cutting crown molding angled between
the fence and the table of the saw for all cuts:
Angle the molding so the bottom of the molding (part
which goes against the wall when installed) is against
the fence and the top of the molding is resting on the
table of the saw.
The angled "flats" on the back of the molding must rest
squarely on the fence and table of the saw.
Inside corner:
Left side
Mitre right at 45°
Save the right side of cut • Save left side of cut
Outside corner:
Left side
Mitre left at 45°
Save the right side of cut • Save left side of cut
Always make dry runs to check for clearance and
correctness of cuts.
Never make any cuts unless the material is secured on the
table and against the fence.

Special cuts

Aluminum cutting
(Carbide tipped blade only)
Aluminum extrusions such as those used when making
aluminum screens and storm windows can easily be cut
with your saw using the proper blade designed for
non-ferrous metal cutting. Position the material so that
you will be cutting the thinnest cross section, as shown
in Fig. I.
Fig. J illustrates the wrong way to cut these extrusions.
Use a wax lubricant when cutting aluminum such as
Johnson's Stick Wax No.140. Apply the stick wax directly
to the saw blade before cutting.
Never apply stick wax to a moving blade. The wax,
available at most hardware stores and industrial mill
supply houses, provides proper lubrication and keeps
chips from adhering to the blade.
Be sure to properly secure work. Certain workpieces,
due to their size, shape or surface finish, may require
the use of a clamp, jig or fixture to prevent movement
during the cut.
Right side
• Mitre left at 45°
Right side
• Mitre right at 45°
Bowed material
The When cutting bowed material always position it as
shown in Fig. K and never like that shown in Fig. L.
Positioning the material incorrectly will cause it to pinch the
blade near the completion of the cut.
Cutting plastic pipe and other round cross-sectional
Plastic pipe can be easily cut with your saw. It should be cut
just like wood and clamped or held firmly to the fence to
keep it from rolling particularly when making angle cuts.
The performance of your tool depends on the accessory
used. Black & Decker and Piranha accessories are
engineered to high quality standards and designed to
enhance the performance of your tool. By using these
accessories you will get the very best from your tool.


Perform all maintenance with mitre saw unplugged.
1. All bearings are sealed. They are lubricated for life and
need no further maintenance.
2. Periodically clean all dust and wood chips from around
and under the base and the rotary table. Even though
slots are provided to allow debris to pass through, some
dust will accumulate.
3. The brushes are designed to give you several years of
use. If they ever need replacement follow the instructions
in this manual or return the tool to the nearest service
center for repair.
Your tool has been designed to operate over a long period of
time with a minimum of maintenance. Continuous
satisfactory operation depends upon proper tool care and
regular cleaning.
Warning: Before performing any maintenance, switch off
and unplug the tool.
Regularly clean the ventilation slots in your tool using a
soft brush or dry cloth.
Regularly clean the motor housing using a damp cloth.
Do not use any abrasive or solvent-based cleaner.
If the table insert / slot is worn, please take this tool to
authorized Black & Decker Service Center to replace it in
order to avoid damage or injury.


Table of Contents

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