Always - Belling Forum 351 Installation And User Instructions Manual

Slot-in double cavity ceramic electric cooker
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For your safety


Always take care when touching any part of the cooker which may be hot. Use dry
oven gloves when removing or replacing food or dishes. Care should be taken to
avoid touching the heating elements inside the oven.
Always stand back when opening the oven door to allow any build-up of heat or
steam to disperse.
Always keep the oven and grill doors closed when not in use to prevent accidents,
but remember that the grill door must be kept open when grilling to prevent
Always make sure that the roof, side and back panels, and shelves are fitted
correctly before using the oven or grill.
Always keep your cooker clean, as a build-up of grease or fat from cooking may be
a fire hazard.
Always switch off at the mains supply and allow the cooker to cool before cleaning
your cooker.
Always supervise children and pets, particularly when grilling, as exposed parts of
the cooker may become hot.
Always use suitable pans for the hob, and make sure that they are stable.
Always keep handles away from the edge of the hob and any heat. For added
safety you should consider using a suitable hob guard.
Always make sure that all the controls are switched off when you finish cooking.
Always remember that your cooker may stay hot for a time even after you have
finished cooking.
Always keep ventilation slots clear of obstructions.
Always keep children away from cooker when cleaning at maximum
oven setting.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents