Belling Forum 351 Installation And User Instructions Manual
Belling Forum 351 Installation And User Instructions Manual

Belling Forum 351 Installation And User Instructions Manual

Slot-in double cavity ceramic electric cooker


Slot-in Double Cavity Ceramic Electric
Models: 351, 336, 358


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  • Page 1 Forum Slot-in Double Cavity Ceramic Electric Cooker INSTALLATION AND USER INSTRUCTIONS Models: 351, 336, 358...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction ...................... Installing Your Cooker ............For your own safety - Never ..........-Always ..........Know your Cooker .............. Using the Timer ..............3 Button Clock/Minute Minder ........Minute Minder Operation ..........Setting the time of day ..........Setting the minute minder ...........
  • Page 3: Introduction

    Introduction Your Belling Thank you for purchasing a new Belling Forum Cooker. Its stylish Cooker and practical design will enhance your kitchen and make cooking a pleasure. It features a fan oven, with a grill/top oven and a ceramic hob.
  • Page 4: Installing Your Cooker

    Cooker positioning it. Do not try to move the cooker by pulling on the doors or handles. The Belling Forum is designed to fit between 600mm deep cabinets, spaced a minimum of 500mm apart. It can also be used freestanding, with a cabinet to one side, in an angled corner setting or with its back to a wall.
  • Page 5 Also, before you use the ceramic hob for the first time, we recommend cleaning the hob surface with Belling Ceramic Hob Cleaner and Conditioner available from our Spares Department on 0870 458 9961.
  • Page 7: Always

    For your safety Always.. • Always take care when touching any part of the cooker which may be hot. Use dry oven gloves when removing or replacing food or dishes. Care should be taken to avoid touching the heating elements inside the oven. •...
  • Page 10: Minute Minder Operation

    Minute minder operation/Automatic cut-off To Set the Minute Minder Step 'I Press the "+" button once and release it. Then press the "+" button again to set the required time. During setting the time adjusts in second intervals up to a maximum of 99 mins 50 secs.
  • Page 15: Ceramic Hob

    Ceramic Hob WARNING! If any crack should appear on the hob, isolate the cooker immediately from the mains supply. Never use any part of the cooker but contact your Belling Service Agent. Under no circumstances should the hob be used with aluminium foil in contact with the hob surface, as damage will occur.
  • Page 16 Never Never Stare at Halogen heating units. Never Cook directly on the hob surface without a cooking utensil as this will result in damage to the surface of the hob. Never use the hob as a worktop surface as damage may occur to the smooth surface of the hob.
  • Page 17: Choosing Your Utensils

    Choosing your Utensils To obtain a satisfactory performance from a ceramic hob and to avoid unnecessary damage, we recommend the use of good quality saucepans with smooth flat bases. Aluminium pans with coloured vitreous enamelled bases absorb heat and are therefore more efficient in use.
  • Page 18 NEVER Never use utensils with rough bases. Never use lightweight utensils with thin, distorted or uneven bases. Never use lightweight enamelled steel utensils. Never use cast iron utensils. Never use utensils with recessed, scrolled (like a gramophone record) or ridged bases. Never use a utensil which has a base concavity greater than 1 mm as this will reduce the performance of the hob.
  • Page 19: Safety Requirements For Deep Fatfrying

    Important SAFETY REQUIREMENTS FOR DEEP FAT FRYING IMPORTANT: Deep Fat Frying As there could be some fire risk attached to the heating of oil, particularly for deep fat frying, cooking utensils containing oil must not be left unattended (e.g. to answer the telephone). In the unfortunate event of a fire it will assist in smothering the flames if the pan lid is replaced, and the electricity supply is switched OFF.
  • Page 20: Using The Grill

    Using the grill Parts may become hot when the grill is in use, children must be kept away. As a safety feature, the thermostat will prevent the grill overheating if the door is closed. ALWAYS ENSURE THE DOOR IS OPEN WHEN GRILLING Open the grill door.
  • Page 21: Use Of The Grill Pan Handle

    Pre — Cooked potato 200-220°C 15 - 20 mins. products Pizzas 220-240°C 12 - 15 mins. in the base of grill pan. Browning of food 10 mins. Dish placed 230°C directly on the base of the grill compartment Use of Grill Pan Handle Warning! Always use an oven glove to protect your hand when using the grill as all metal parts can become very hot.
  • Page 23 Top oven cooking guide FOOD COOKING TIME SHELF POSITION TEMPERATURE °C BEEF 170-180 30 mins/450g + 30 mins LAMB 180-190 30 mins/450g + 30 mins PORK 170-190 40 mins/450g + 40 mins POULTRY 170-190 25-30 mins/450g +25 mins CASSEROLES 140-160 1.5/2 hours dependent on quantity FRUIT CAKE...
  • Page 24: Using The Main Oven

    If food is placed in an already hot oven, the suggested cooking time should be reduced, depending on the type and quantity of food being cooked. An additional shelf can be purchased from Belling Spares (tel. 0870 458 9695 ) 0844 815 3745 if required for batch baking.
  • Page 25 Oven temperature chart This chart is for guidance only, follow food manufacturers recommendations whenever available. Temperature conversion The oven temperature control knob is marked in degrees Celsius (sometimes called Centigrade). This chart should help when recipes show °F. Fahrenheit °F Celsius °C...
  • Page 26 Conventional Oven Cooking Guide SHELF FOOD COOKING TIME POSITION TEMPERATURE °C BEEF* 180-190 30 mins/450g +30mins LAMB* 180-190 30 mins/450g +30mins PORK* 170-180 40 mins/450g +40mins POULTRY* 190-200 30 mins/450g +25mins 1.5-2 hrs dependent on CASSEROLES 150-160 quantity FRUIT CAKE 150-160 2hrs 45mins SMALL CAKES...
  • Page 27: Care And Cleaning

    It is important that the hob is cleaned regularly with Belling Ceramic Hob Cleaner & Conditioner as it provides a protective film to keep the hob in good condition and assists in keeping the hob clean.
  • Page 28 Oven & Grill compartments Remove the grill/meat pan and grid. It is best to wash these items immediately after use to prevent stains from being burnt on when used again. Wipe around the oven or grill compartment, removing stubborn stains with a fine soap impregnated steel wool pad.
  • Page 29: Something Wrong With Your Cooker

    Something Wrong with your Cooker Before contacting your Belling approved Service Centre/Installer, check the problem guide below; there may be nothing wrong with your cooker. Problem Check Slight odour or small amount of smoke This is normal and should cease after when using the cooker for the first time.
  • Page 30 Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm Saturday 8:30am - 6pm Sunday 1 0am - 4pm For Belling Customer Helpline please call 0871 22 22 503 0844 815 3746 Belling Service please call 0871 22 22 503 0844 815 3746 Belling Spares please call...
  • Page 32 R. E/09.10.2007/485.9201.08...

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