Use Of The Grill Pan Handle - Belling Forum 351 Installation And User Instructions Manual

Slot-in double cavity ceramic electric cooker
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Pre — Cooked potato
Browning of food
Use of Grill Pan Handle
Warning! Always use an oven glove to protect your hand when using the grill as all
metal parts can become very hot.
The grill pan has a detachable handle. Make sure the handle is securely located between
the raised profiles across the front of the grill pan. See the diagrams for fitting the handle.
To remove the handle, reverse the sequence of operations.
200-220°C 15 - 20 mins.
220-240°C 12 - 15 mins. in the base of
grill pan.
10 mins. Dish placed
directly on the base of the
grill compartment
Always take care not to touch hot surfaces when
using the grill pan handle. Ensure when using the
grill pan handle that it is centralised and secure. Do
not leave the handle in position when grilling. If the
handle is left in position when grilling, it will get very


Table of Contents

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