Ceramic Hob - Belling Forum 351 Installation And User Instructions Manual

Slot-in double cavity ceramic electric cooker
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Ceramic Hob

WARNING! If any crack should appear on the hob, isolate the cooker immediately
from the mains supply. Never use any part of the cooker but contact your Belling
Service Agent.
Under no circumstances should the hob be used with aluminium foil in contact with the hob
surface, as damage will occur. The following boiling plates are located beneath the
decorative circular patterned cooking areas:
Front Left 1.7kW Fastlite
Rear Left 1.2kW Fastlite
Rear Right 1.7kW Fastlite
Front Right 1.2kW Fastlite or 1.2kW Halogen (depending on model)
The cooking areas change colour when heated (become red) indicating which heating
element is energised. The cooking area returns to its original colour when the heating
element is switched off and cools.
Even though the cooking area has returned to its original colour it may still
be hot.
Hob Hot Light This will operate soon after any of the four boiling plate controls are turned
on, and will remain illuminated until the ceramic surface has cooled.
The control provides fully variable heat control selecting any number
between 1 (minimum) and 6 (maximum). To reduce the heat to cook more
slowly or simmer, turn the knob to a lower setting which will vary according
to size and type of saucepan, the amount and type of food, and whether or
not a lid is fitted. Pans can be placed on the unheated areas of the panel
when cooking is finished and before serving food. It is inadvisable at any
time to leave a heating element switched on without a pan in position as
this wastes energy, and could make soil or rub-off from aluminium pans
more difficult to remove. To protect elements against over-heating, safety
cut-outs have been incorporated with each element. After several minutes
with the control at setting 6 the safety cut-out switches the element Off and
On continuously, thus preventing any adverse effects that may be caused
by an excessive build-up of heat in the cooking area.
The boiling plate will be off when the knob is at position '0'.
Hob hot indicator lights
The hob hot indicator lights show which
hob is operating and/or hot. The relevant
indicator light will remain on whenever a
hob is hot. When the temperature of the
hob surface falls below 64° C, the indicator
light will go off.
Weak flicker illumination is not a problem at
residual heat indicator light
Do not touch and keep children
away from the heating zones
and appliance


Table of Contents

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