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Editing Alphanumeric Recognition Results - Philips DPM 9450 User Manual

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3. The recognition result, in this example the number 1, appears on the screen:
4. Keep the DL/VC button pressed and spell the remaining characters of your Keyword input. For example, say:
two, three, four, five, six. The recognition results appear on the display; the current position (i.e. the latest
input) is always indicated by a blinking character:
5. When you are finished with the Keyword input and you want to confirm it, press the Jog Dial briefly.
Additional information
The LED provides feedback about the recognition result. If the LED is green, recognition has been successful.
The LED is red if nothing has been said or if recognition did not succeed.
A single Keyword input can have up to 15 characters. These can be any numbers, letters or special characters
supported by the DPM and which you have previously trained. For a complete character set, refer to the
Training section for alphanumeric commands in this manual.
When the Keyword input consists of more than 7 characters, a smaller font is used on the DPM display.
If more than one Keyword is enabled for alphanumeric commands, you are automatically prompted for the
Keyword input when you create a new dictation. When you confirm the input for the first mandatory Keyword
by pressing the Jog Dial, you are prompted automatically to provide the next input. You cannot start dictation
until you have provided the input for all enabled Keywords.
To discard the Keyword input and return to your dictation, press the DEL (Delete) button for about
0.5 seconds.
In dictation mode, only the Keyword input for Keyword 1 is displayed on the DPM display.

Editing alphanumeric recognition results

When you release the DL/VC button in recording mode, the Keyword input is not finished but the DPM does not
listen to your voice any longer. The recognition process is interrupted and you can, for example, look up missing
information in your documents. To provide the missing information and return to recognition mode, press the
DL/VC button again, keep it pressed and start speaking.
While recognition is interrupted, you can also modify the Keyword input manually. The following options are
You can change the current character (i.e. the one which is blinking) by moving the Jog Dial up or down. For
example, change the Keyword input 1 manually to 2 by moving the Jog Dial up:
To move one position to the left, press the REC (Record) button on DPM 9450/00. On DPM 9450/52, press
the FFWD (Fast Forward) button.
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