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Returning To Training (retraining) - Philips DPM 9450 User Manual

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6. If training was successful, you automatically proceed to the next Keyword definition:
Additional information
You do not have to train every Keyword definition. For example, if you do not want to train a phrase for the
definition letter, move the Jog Dial up to display the next definition. You can also skip more than one definition.
For example, to skip the training of phrases for the next three definitions, move the Jog Dial up three times.
As long as no phrase has been trained for a Keyword definition, you can exit training by pressing the DEL
(Delete) button for about 0.5 seconds. If a phrase has already been trained, this symbol is displayed:
this case, pressing the DEL button for 0.5 seconds will erase the training result for that phrase. The status of
the definition reverts to untrained. To exit training after deleting a training result, you have to press the DEL
button again for about 0.5 seconds.
If the training results for a phrase differ a lot, e.g. due to background noise, you will have to repeat the phrase
until a second, satisfactory training result is available.
If the training results for two phrases are too similar, e.g. Jones and James, the training for the second phrase
will not be accepted (the LED is red). Select a different phrase, for example, train the Keyword James with the
phrase Jim.
DPM 9450 supports Keyword commands for up to two Keywords. When you have created and trained
phrases for all content definitions of the first Keyword, you automatically proceed to train phrases for the
content definitions of the second Keyword. You exit the DPM menu automatically when you have trained the
last definition.
If you redefine a Keyword content, you only need to retrain the new content definition. Already trained
contents of the same Keyword and their phrases are unaffected.
To exit training, press the Jog Dial briefly. Select the menu entry for exiting the DPM menu (
the selection by pressing the Jog Dial again. You can exit training at any time. The only exception is when you
have already started training; you cannot exit between the first and second training.

Returning to training (retraining)

If you are not satisified with the recognition result for a character or phrase, you can return to training at any time
and redo training. If a character or phrase has already been trained, the DPM displays a bubble symbol on the
The example below assumes that the number character 0 has been trained with the voice command nil. You
would prefer to use the command zero instead. Do the following:
1. Access the DPM menu, go to the menu entry for voice command training and press the Jog Dial to access it.
2. Scroll to number 0. The bubble symbol indicates that the number has been trained already.
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