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4. To start the training process for the currently blinking character, press the DL/VC button and say the
character, for example: zero. The DPM displays the training screen:
Note: The volume indicator provides feedback about the current input level. The LED provides feedback about
the training result. If the LED is green, training has been successful. The LED is red if nothing has been said
or if training did not succeed.
5. You are now prompted to train the character a second time. This is indicated again by the blinking character
on the DPM display. Training a character twice improves the recognition rate. Press the DL/VC button and say
the character again. The DPM displays the training screen again.
6. If training was successful, you automatically proceed to the next character:
Note: Training starts with the numbers 0-9 followed by the letters A-Z. Special characters come last.
Additional information
You can skip the training of a character by moving the Jog Dial up. For example, if you do not want to train the
number 0, move the Jog Dial up to display the number 1. You can also skip more than one character. For
example, to skip the training of the next three characters, move the Jog Dial up three times.
As long as a character has not been trained, you can exit training by pressing the DEL (Delete) button for
about 0.5 seconds. A character which has already been trained, is indicated with this symbol:
pressing the DEL button for 0.5 seconds will erase the training result for that character. The status of the
character reverts to untrained. To exit training after deleting a training result, you have to press the DEL button
again for about 0.5 seconds.
DPM 9450 - User Manual
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