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Electric Brake - Makita 3612 Instruction Manual

Router equipped with electric brake
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1. Stopper pole
2. Hex bolt
3. Hex nut
4. Stopper block
1. Switch lever
Stopper block
The stopper block has three adjusting hex bolts which raise
or lower 0.8 mm (1/32") per turn. You can easily obtain three
different depths of cut using these adjusting hex bolts without
readjusting the stopper pole.
Adjust the lowest hex bolt to obtain the deepest depth of cut,
following the method of "Adjusting depth of cut". Adjust the
two remaining hex bolts to obtain shallower depths of cut.
The differences in height of these hex bolts are equal to the
differences in depths of cut.
To adjust the hex bolts, first loosen the hex nuts on the hex
bolts with the wrench and then turn the hex bolts. After
obtaining the desired position, tighten the hex nuts while
holding the hex bolts in that desired position. The stopper
block is also convenient for making three passes with pro-
gressively deeper bit settings when cutting deep grooves.
Switch action
Before plugging in the tool, always check to see that the
tool is switched off.
Switch can be locked in "ON" position for ease of
operator comfort during extended use. Apply caution
when locking tool in "ON" position and maintain firm
grasp on tool.
Make sure that the shaft lock is released before the
switch is turned on.
Hold the tool firmly when turning off the tool, to
overcome the reaction.
To start the tool, move the switch lever to the I (ON) position.
To stop the tool, move the switch lever to the O (OFF) posi-

Electric brake

This tool is equipped with an electric brake. If the tool consis-
tently fails to quickly stop after switch lever moving to the O
(OFF) position, have tool serviced at a Makita service center.

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