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Siemens HB36LB.60 Instruction Manual

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Built-in oven
[en] Instruction manual



  Summary of Contents for Siemens HB36LB.60

  • Page 1 Built-in oven HB36LB.60, HB36RB.60 [en] Instruction manual...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Produktinfo Setting the clock ................12 Memory ..................12 Additional information on products, accessories, replacement parts and services can be found at Saving settings in the memory............12 and in the online shop Starting the memory................ 12 Sabbath mode ................12 Starting Sabbath mode..............
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    ã=Safety precautions Please read this instruction manual Risk of short circuit! carefully. Please keep the instruction Never trap connecting cables of electrical appliances in the hot appliance door. The cable insulation could melt. and installation manuals in a safe Risk of scalding! place.
  • Page 5: Your New Oven

    Your new oven Control panel Here you will learn about your new oven. The control panel and the individual operating controls are explained. You will find Here, you will see an overview of the control panel. Depending information on the cooking compartment and the accessories. on the appliance model, individual details may differ.
  • Page 6: Temperature Indicator

    Temperature indicator Accessories The temperature indicator bars show the heating phases or The accessories can be inserted into the oven at 5 different residual heat in the cooking compartment. levels. You can pull out the accessories two thirds of the way without Heating indicator them tipping.
  • Page 7 Special accessories HZ number Grill tray HZ325000 Use for grilling instead of the wire rack or as a splatter guard, so that the oven does not become very dirty. Only use the grill tray in the universal pan. Grilling on the grill tray: only use at shelf height 1, 2 and 3. Using the grill tray as a splash guard: insert the universal pan with the grill tray under the wire rack.
  • Page 8: Before Using The Appliance For The First Time

    service, specialist retailers or (in some countries) online via the After-sales service products e­Shop. Please specify the relevant product number. You can obtain suitable care and cleaning agents and other accessories for your domestic appliances from the after-sales Cleaning cloths for stainless-steel surfaces Product no. 311134 Reduces the build-up of dirt.
  • Page 9: Setting The Oven

    Setting the oven Setting the type of heating and temperature In this section, you will find information about which types of heating are available in your oven Example in the picture: Setting for Top/bottom heating at ■ 180 °C. how you set a type of heating and a temperature ■...
  • Page 10: Setting Rapid Heating

    Setting rapid heating Press the † button. Appliance operation begins. Rapid heating is not suitable for all types of heating. Suitable types of heating 3D hot air Top/bottom heating HydroBaking Pizza setting VWDUW ƒ&NJ FOHDQ VWRS A short signal sounds to indicate that the selected type of heating is not suitable for rapid heating.
  • Page 11: Setting The Cooking Time

    Cancelling the timer time Calling up the clock, cooking time and end time Press the button to open the menu. Turn the timer time back You can call up all the functions with the clock button. . Press the button repeatedly until the rotary ‹...
  • Page 12: Setting The Clock

    Setting the clock Press the button. The menu is exited. The current time is shown in the clock The oven must be switched off before you can set or change display. the clock. Changing the clock Following a power cut If you wish to change the time from summer to winter time, for Following a power cut, and the...
  • Page 13: Childproof Lock

    Childproof lock The oven has a childproof lock to prevent children from Releasing the lock switching it on or changing a setting by accident. Press and hold the button until the symbol goes out. You can make settings again. Activating the childproof lock Press and hold the button until the symbol appears.
  • Page 14: Changing The Basic Settings

    Changing the basic settings Prerequisite: The oven must be switched off. Have a look at the table containing the basic settings so that you know what the numbers mean. Example in the picture: changing the cooling fan run-on time basic setting from medium to short. VWDUW FOHDQ ƒ&NJ...
  • Page 15: Setting The Cleaning Level

    Setting the cleaning level Adjusting the cleaning level Once cleaning starts, the cleaning level can no longer be Press the button. changed. Cleaning level 3 is suggested. If you wish to change the cleaning level: Setting cleaning to run overnight Select the desired cleaning level using the rotary selector.
  • Page 16: Detaching And Refitting The Rails

    Detaching and refitting the rails Removing and installing the door panels The rails can be removed for cleaning. The oven must have To facilitate cleaning, you can remove the glass panels from the oven door. cooled down. When removing the inner panels, pay attention to the order in Detaching the rails which the panels are removed.
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting

    Fitting When fitting, make sure that the lettering "right above" is at the top right on both panels. Insert the lower panel diagonally downwards (fig. A). Insert the centre panel. Stick the retaining clips onto the right and left-hand side of the panel, aligning them so that the carriers are over the screw holes, and then screw them in place (fig.
  • Page 18: Replacing The Bulb In The Oven Ceiling Light

    Replacing the bulb in the oven ceiling light Remove the glass cover. To do this, open the glass cover from the bottom with your hand (Fig. A). If the glass cover is If the bulb in the oven light fails, it must be replaced. Heat- difficult to remove, use a spoon as an aid.
  • Page 19: Energy And Environment Tips

    Energy and environment tips Here you can find tips on how to save energy when baking and For longer cooking times, you can switch the oven off ■ roasting and how to dispose of your appliance properly. 10 minutes before the end of the cooking time and use the residual heat to finish cooking.
  • Page 20 Meat Beef When cooking pot roasts, ensure that sufficient liquid is added. Pour the specified amount of liquid into the ovenware. You can also use the marinade. Cook sirloin fatty-side up. Programmes Programme Weight range in kg Add liquid Weight setting number Beef Pot roast, fresh...
  • Page 21 If you wish the meat to brown, add it as the last ingredient to Stew the roasting dish on top of the vegetables. If you do not want it You can combine various types of meat and fresh vegetables. to brown so much, mix the meat in among the vegetables. Cut the meat into bite-sized pieces.
  • Page 22: Selecting And Setting A Programme

    Selecting and setting a programme Turn the rotary selector to change the weight. First choose a suitable programme from the programme table. Example in the diagram: setting for pot-roasted beef, fresh, programme 7, weight of meat 1.3 kg. Press the button.
  • Page 23: Tested For You In Our Cooking Studio

    Tested for you in our cooking studio Here you will find a selection of dishes and the ideal settings for Baking trays that are placed in the oven at the same time will them. We will show you which type of heating and which not necessarily be ready at the same time.
  • Page 24 Cakes on trays Accessories Level Type of Temperature Cooking time heating in °C in minutes Sponge with dry topping universal pan 170-190 20-30 universal pan + baking 150-170 35-45 tray Sponge with moist topping (fruit) universal pan 170-190 25-35 universal pan + baking 140-160 40-50 tray...
  • Page 25: Baking Tips

    Never pour water into the hot oven. Bread and rolls When baking bread, preheat the oven, unless instructions state otherwise. Bread and rolls Accessories Level Type of Temperature Cooking time heating in °C in minutes Yeast bread with 1.2 kg flour universal pan 30-40 Sourdough bread with 1.2 kg...
  • Page 26 When grilling, do not insert the baking tray or universal pan at Grilling level 4 or 5. The high heat distorts it and the cooking When grilling, preheat the oven for approx. 3 minutes, before compartment can be damaged when removing it. placing the food into the cooking compartment.
  • Page 27 Meat Weight Accessories and Level Type of Temperature Cooking time ovenware heating in °C, grill set- in minutes ting Minced meat Meat loaf Made from uncovered 180-200 500 g meat Sausages Sausages wire rack + univer- sal pan Turn roasts, such as rolled turkey joint or turkey breast, halfway Poultry through the cooking time.
  • Page 28: Tips For Roasting And Grilling

    Tips for roasting and grilling The table does not contain information Select the next lowest weight from the instructions and extend the time. for the weight of the joint. How to tell when the roast is ready. Use a meat thermometer (available from specialist shops) or carry out a “spoon test”. Press down on the roast with a spoon.
  • Page 29: Tips For Slow Cooking

    Tips for slow cooking Slow-cooked meat is not as hot as con- So that the roasted meat does not cool so quickly, warm the plates and serve the gravy ventionally roasted meat. very hot. If you wish to keep slow-cooked meat After slow cooking, turn the temperature down to 70 °C.
  • Page 30: Special Dishes

    Dish Accessories Level Type of Temperature Cooking time heating in °C in minutes Baked items, prebaked Part-cooked rolls, part-cooked baguette universal pan 190-210 10-20 universal pan + wire rack 160-180 20-25 Processed portions, frozen Fish fingers universal pan 220-240 10-20 Chicken goujons, chicken nuggets universal pan 200-220...
  • Page 31: Preserving

    Preserving Making settings For preserving, the jars and rubber seals must be clean and Insert the universal pan at level 2. Arrange the jars on it so intact. If possible, use jars of the same size. The information in that they do not touch each other. the table is for round, one-litre jars.
  • Page 32: Test Dishes

    Test dishes These tables have been produced for test institutes to facilitate Place dark springform cake tins next to each other (see the inspection and testing of the various appliances. illustration). In accordance with EN 50304/EN 60350 (2009) and IEC 60350.
  • Page 36 *9000637328* 9000637328 Siemens-Electrogeräte GmbH Carl-Wery-Straße 34 81739 München 910129 DEUTSCHLAND...

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