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Siemens HB36D..5 Series Instruction Manual

Combination steam oven
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[en] Instruction manual
Combination steam oven



  Summary of Contents for Siemens HB36D..5 Series

  • Page 1 [en] Instruction manual HB36D..5. Combination steam oven...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Switching off the appliance...............9 After each use ..................9 Additional information on products, accessories, replacement Recommended settings ..............10 parts and services can be found at and in the online shop Time-setting options ..............10 Set the timer..................10 Setting the cooking time..............
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    ã=Safety precautions Read these instructions for use Risk of scalding! carefully. Please keep the Do not clean the appliance immediately after switching it off. The water in the evaporator dish is still hot. Wait until the instructions for use and installation appliance has cooled down.
  • Page 5: Your New Appliance

    Your new appliance In this section, you will find information on the cooking compartment ■ the control panel accessories ■ ■ the types of heating automatic calibration ■ ■ Control panel 'LVSOD\ 6WDUW EXWWRQ 6WRS EXWWRQ FOHDQ VWDUW VWRS 0DLQ VZLWFK 0HQX EXWWRQV 1DYLJDWLRQ )XQFWLRQ EXWWRQV...
  • Page 6: Temperature Indicator

    left and becomes longer as the cooking time progresses. The Heating indicator line reaches the right-hand extremity of the display once the The heating indicator displays the rising temperature in the cooking time has elapsed. cooking compartment. Settings areas  3UHKHDW  The two settings areas show suggested values that you can change.
  • Page 7: Accessories

    Accessories Accessories Order no. Use only the accessories supplied with the product or available HZ36D513 Cooking container, solid, GN , 40 mm from the after-sales service. They are specially designed for deep your appliance. HZ36D513G Cooking container, perforated, GN Your appliance is equipped with the following accessories: 40 mm deep wire rack HZ36D533P...
  • Page 8: Setting The Water Hardness Range

    Setting the water hardness range Press the Start button. The appliance heats up to 100 °C. The cooking time Descale your appliance regularly. This is the only way to (20 minutes) does not start to count down until the set prevent damage.
  • Page 9: Switching On The Appliance

    Fill the water tank before each use: "Fill water tank?" message Open the appliance door and take out the water tank. This message appears if you set a type of heating and the water tank is only half full. Fill the water tank with cold water up to the "max" mark. If you think that the water in the water tank is sufficient for the cooking procedure, you can start the appliance.
  • Page 10: Recommended Settings

    Turn the rotary selector anti-clockwise to "Recommended Drying the cooking compartment settings". ã= Risk of scalding! The first food category appears in the display. The water in the evaporator dish may still be hot. Allow it to cool Using the ¿...
  • Page 11: Setting A Later End Time

    Exit the time-setting options with the button.  7\SHV RI KHDWLQJ  If the operation has not yet started, press the Start button. cooking time counts down on the display. &RRNLQJ WLPH For the Steam type of heating, the cooking time starts âPLQVHF  counting down after the heating-up time.
  • Page 12: Notes About The Programmes

    Selecting a programme group Adjusting the cooking result to suit individual tastes Press the ‡ button to switch on the appliance. Press the ¿ button. The individual adjustment is highlighted "- +". ÙÙÙÙÙØÙ Press the button. The first programme group, "Vegetables", appears in the Turn the rotary selector to adjust the cooking result.
  • Page 13 Programme Note Accessories Level Sliced carrots, steam* slices, approx. 3 mm thick Perforated cooking container Baking tray Sliced kohlrabi, steam* slices, approx. 3 mm thick Perforated cooking container Baking tray Steam Brussels sprouts* Perforated cooking container Baking tray Steam asparagus/White asparagus* Perforated cooking container Baking tray Steam asparagus/Green asparagus*...
  • Page 14 Poultry Do not place chicken breasts or chicken portions on top of each other in the ovenware. The chicken portions can be marinated beforehand. Programme Notes Accessories Level Chicken, fresh total weight 0.7 - 1.5 kg wire rack + baking tray Chicken portions, fresh 0.04 - 0.35 kg each wire rack + baking tray...
  • Page 15 Fish When preparing fish, grease the perforated cooking container. Do not place whole fish, fish fillets or fish fingers on top of each other. Enter the weight of the heaviest fish and choose pieces as similar in size as possible. Programme Note Accessories...
  • Page 16 Reheat Programme Note Accessories Level 1 portion* Wire rack 2 portions* Wire rack Side dishes, cooked* Baking tray Cooked vegetables* Baking tray Pizza, cooked/Pizza, thin base* Wire rack + baking tray Pizza, cooked/Pizza, deep-pan* Wire rack + baking tray * You can delay the end time for this programme Defrosting ã= When freezing, lay the food as flat as possible and in portion-...
  • Page 17: Memory

    Programme Note Accessories Level Sterilising bottles* Perforated cooking container 2 Preserving in 1 litre glass jars Perforated container + Baking tray Eggs/hard-boiled eggs* Eggs, size M, Max. 1.8 kg Perforated container + Baking tray Eggs/soft-boiled eggs* Eggs, size M, max. 1 kg Perforated container + Baking tray * You can delay the end time for this programme...
  • Page 18: Automatic Switch-Off

    Basic setting Function Possible settings Adjust individually Sets programme cooking results to be generally higher or 7 levels - ÙÙÙÙØÙ lower Display brand logo Switches the brand name logo display on or off when the on / off appliance is switched on Water hardness Sets the water hardness range for the descaling indicator softened / 1-soft / 2-medium / 3-...
  • Page 19: Cleaning Agents

    Cleaning agents Appliance exterior (with aluminium front) Use soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. Mild window cleaning agent - wipe the aluminium front horizontally and without apply- ing pressure using a soft window cloth or a lint-free microfibre cloth. Appliance exterior (with stainless steel Use soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.
  • Page 20: Descaling

    Descaling Emptying the evaporator dish and wiping out the appliance A signal sounds after approx. 30 minutes. "Empty dish and The appliance must be descaled at regular intervals in order for wipe out appliance" and " 0:40" appear in the display. it to continue operating correctly.
  • Page 21: Removing And Fitting The Appliance Door

    Remove the remaining water from the evaporator dish using Removing the appliance door the cleaning sponge. Open the appliance door fully. Close the appliance door. Fold out the locking levers on the left and right fully (figure A). "Continue operation with 'Start'" appears in the display. The hinges are secured and cannot snap closed.
  • Page 22: Cleaning The Rails

    Removing the door panel Fitting the intermediate panel Note: Before removing, make a note of the orientation in which Insert the intermediate panel on the left and right into the the door panel is fitted, so that it is not refitted the wrong way supports.
  • Page 23 Problem Possible cause Notes/remedy The appliance does not work The plug is not plugged into the mains. Connect the appliance to the electricity supply Power cut Check whether other kitchen appliances are working Fuse defective Check in the fuse box to make sure that the fuse for the appliance is OK Faulty operation Switch the appliance off using the fuse in...
  • Page 24: Replacing The Cooking Compartment Bulb

    Problem Possible cause Notes/remedy The appliance is not heating. "Demo" is A button combination was actuated Disconnect the power supply and recon- shown in the display nect after 10 seconds. Within 2 minutes, press the button for 4 seconds Replacing the cooking compartment bulb Changing the door seal Heat-resistant 230 V/25 W halogen bulbs with seals are If the seal around the outside of the cooking compartment is...
  • Page 25: Environmental Protection

    Environmental protection Unpack the appliance and dispose of the packaging in an Open the appliance door as infrequently as possible while ■ environmentally-responsible manner. the food is cooking. Use dark, black lacquered or enamelled baking tins for ■ Environmental protection baking.
  • Page 26: Vegetables

    Vegetables Place the vegetables in the perforated cooking container and insert at level 3. Insert the baking tray underneath at level 1. Dripping liquid is caught. Food Size Accessories Operating Temperature in°C Cooking time mode in min. Artichokes whole perforated + baking Steam 30 - 35 tray...
  • Page 27: Side Dishes And Pulses

    Side dishes and pulses Add water or liquid in the proportion specified. You may select any shelf position you wish for the solid Example: 1:1.5 = add 150 ml liquid for every 100 g rice. cooking container. Food Ratio Accessories Level Mode of opera- Temperature in °C Duration in...
  • Page 28 Food Amount Accessories Level Operating Temperature in°C Cooking time mode in min. Thin slice of sirloin, 1 kg wire rack + baking tray 2 Hot air 170 ­ 180 30 ­ 45 rare* Thick piece of sirloin, 1 kg wire rack + baking tray 2 Hot air 170 ­...
  • Page 29: Fish

    Roasting tips Using the roasting set Using the roasting set will give optimum results and the cooking compartment will stay as clean as possible. You can purchase the roasting set as an accessory from specialist retailers (see section: Accessories) When is the roast ready? Use a meat thermometer (available from specialist retailers) or carry out the "spoon test": press down on the roast with a spoon.
  • Page 30: Dessert, Compote

    Food Accessories Level Operating mode Temperature in°C Cooking time in min. Semolina dumplings perforated + Steam 90 - 95 7 - 10 baking tray Hard-boiled eggs perforated + Steam 10 - 12 (size M, max. 1.8 kg) baking tray Soft-boiled eggs perforated + Steam 6 - 8...
  • Page 31 Cakes on trays Food Accessories Level Operating mode Temperature in°C Cooking time in min. Yeast cake with dry topping baking tray Hot air + Steam 150 ­ 160 35 ­ 45 Yeast cake with moist topping (fruit) baking tray Hot air 150 ­...
  • Page 32: Reheating Food

    Reheating food Using Reheat, dishes can be gently reheated. They taste and look like they have been freshly prepared. Even baked items from the day before can be recrisped. Food Accessories Level Operating mode Temperature in°C Cooking time in min. Meals on plates wire rack Reheat...
  • Page 33: Juicing

    Juicing Before juicing, place the berries in a bowl and sprinkle with Pour the berries into the perforated cooking container and sugar. Leave to stand for at least one hour to draw out the insert at level 3. Insert the baking tray at level 1 to catch the juice.
  • Page 34: Test Dishes

    Food Accessories Level Operating mode Temperature in°C Cooking time in min. Trout perforated + Steam 80 ­ 100 20 ­ 25 baking tray Frozen fish fillet with topping baking tray + wire rack Hot air + Steam 180 ­ 200 35 ­...
  • Page 36 Siemens-Electrogeräte GmbH Carl-Wery-Straße 34 81739 München Germany *9000698110* 9000698110 910816...