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Machine´s Safety Equipment; General - Husqvarna FS400 LV Operator's Manual

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WARNING! Never use a machine that has
faulty safety equipment! If your machine
fails any checks contact your service agent
to get it repaired.
The engine should be switched off, and the
stop switch in STOP position.
This section describes the machine´s safety equipment, its
purpose, and how checks and maintenance should be carried
out to ensure that it operates correctly.
Machine stop
The machine stop is used to quickly switch off the engine and
all electrical functions except lights.
Testing the machine stop
Press the machine stop and check that the engine stops.
Disengage machine stop button (twist clockwise)
Blade guard
WARNING! Always check that the blade
guard is fitted correctly before starting the
The blade guard is designed to prevent parts of the blade or
cutting fragments from being thrown towards the user.
Checking the blade guard
Check that the blade guard is not damaged or cracked.
Replace the blade guard if it is exposed to impact or is
Always check that the guard is correctly fitted before starting
the machine. Also check that the blade is fitted correctly and
is not damaged in any way. A damaged blade can cause
personal injuries.
WARNING! Never use a machine without a
muffler, or with a faulty muffler. A damaged
muffler may substantially increase the noise
level and the fire hazard. Keep fire fighting
equipment handy.
The muffler gets very hot during and after
use. This also applies during idling. Be
aware of the fire hazard, especially when
working near flammable substances and/or
The muffler is designed to keep noise levels to a minimum and
to direct exhaust fumes away from the user.
Inspecting the muffler
Check regularly that the muffler is complete and secured
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