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Presentation; Dear Customer; Features - Husqvarna FS400 LV Operator's Manual

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Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing a Husqvarna product!
It is our wish that you will be satisfied with your product and
that it will be your companion for a long time. A purchase of
one of our products gives you access to professional help with
repairs and services. If the retailer who sells your machine is
not one of our authorised dealers, ask him for the address of
your nearest service workshop.
This operator's manual is a valuable document. Make sure it
is always at hand at the work place. By following its content
(using, service, maintenance etc.) the life span and the
second-hand value of the machine can be extended. If you
will sell this machine, make sure that the buyer will get the
operator´s manual.
More than 300 years of innovation
Husqvarna AB is a Swedish company based on a tradition
that dates back to 1689, when the Swedish King Charles XI
ordered the construction of a factory for production of
muskets. At that time, the foundation was already laid for the
engineering skills behind the development of some of the
world's leading products in areas such as hunting weapons,
bicycles, motorcycles, domestic appliances, sewing
machines and outdoor products.
Husqvarna is the global leader in outdoor power products for
forestry, park maintenance and lawn and garden care, as well
as cutting equipment and diamond tools for the construction
and stone industries.
User responsibility
It is the owner's/employer's responsibility that the operator
has sufficient knowledge about how to use the machine
safely. Supervisors and operators must have read and
understood the Operator's Manual. They must be aware of:
The machine's safety instructions.
The machine's range of applications and limitations.
How the machine is to be used and maintained.
National legislation could regulate the use of this machine.
Find out what legislation is applicable in the place where you
work before you start using the machine.
The manufacturer's reservation
All information and all data in the Operator's Manual were
applicable at the time the Operator's Manual was sent to print.
Husqvarna AB has a policy of continuous product
development and therefore reserves the right to modify the
design and appearance of products without prior notice.


Values such as high performance, reliability, innovative
technology, advanced technical solutions and environmental
considerations distinguish Husqvarna's products.
Some of the unique features of your product are described
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