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Blades; General; Water Cooling; Diamond Blades For Different Materials - Husqvarna FS400 LV Operator's Manual

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Diamond blades consist of a steel core provided with
segments that contain industrial diamonds.
Always use a sharp diamond blade.
The blades should be marked with the same or a higher
speed than that stated on the machine's rating plate.
Never use blades other than original blades designed for
the machine.

Water cooling

Water cooling must always be used. This cools the blades and
increases their life and prevents dust build-up.
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Diamond blades for different
WARNING! Never use a blade for any other
materials than that it was intended for.
Husqvarna has a wide range of wet cutting blades for floor
and wall cutting, including blades for everything from fresh to
hardened concrete in different hardness classes as well as a
comprehensive range of asphalt blades. Check with your
Husqvarna dealer to see which blades are best suited for your

Checking the blade

Check that the blade and the blade guard is not damaged
or cracked. Replace the blade or the blade guard if it has
been exposed to impact or is cracked. Never use a
damaged or worn blade.
Check that the right amount of water reaches the blade.

Transport and storage

Inspect new blades for transport or storage damage.
The blade should be removed from the machine after use
and stored well. Store the blade dry.