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Husqvarna FS 400 LV Manual

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FS 400 LV



  Summary of Contents for Husqvarna FS 400 LV

  • Page 1 操作手册 FS 400 LV 在使用动力切割机前请仔细阅读操作手册,并确保理解这些说明。 Chinese HUSQVARNA CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS...
  • Page 2: 符号说明

    符号说明 The use of symbols on machines (in color) and in the Environmental Information manual identify advice concerning your safety. 环境标记产品或其包装上的符号指示本产品不 能作为生活垃圾处理。必须将它提交给相应的 回收站以回收利用电气和电子设备。 WARNING 对本产品进行不当的废物管理可能会对环境和 Danger symbol 人身造成负面影响,请确保正确处理本产品, 帮助避免此问题。 有关回收本产品的更详细信息,请与您的市政 当局、生活垃圾处理机构或销售本产品的商店 联系。 OBLIGATION 有关机器上的其他符号/图案,请参考适用于 Blue background, white marking : 特定市场的特殊认证要求。 obligatory safety + red marking : movement forbidden Instruction plate...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    目录 目录 符号说明........2 目录..........3 目录..........3 零组件图示说明........4 What is what on the machine..... 4 安全须知........5 Before using a new machine...... 5 人身保护装备........5 安全须知........6 一般安全警告........6 使用金刚石锯片执行干切割......6 组装..........7 Fitting the blade....... 7 启动与停止........8 启动与停止........
  • Page 4: 零组件图示说明

    零组件图示说明 What is what on the machine 11. Engine oil Sortie de vidange moteur 1. Handle 12. Motor tensioning screw 2. Lowering wheel 13. Tank 3. Graduated scale 14. Motor stop 4. Water intake tap 15. Circuit breaker 5. Service spanner 16.
  • Page 5: 安全须知

    安全须知 人身保护装备 Before using a new machine Before leaving our factory every machine passes an 警告!使用动力切割机时,一定要使用经检验 exacting inspection programme in which everything is 合格的人身保护装备。人身保护装备不能避免 checked minutely. 发生意外的风险,但当意外发生时,可降低伤 Following the instructions will ensure that your 害程度。选择保护装备时,请向代理商查询。 machine gives long service, in normal operating conditions.
  • Page 6: 安全须知

    安全须知 一般安全警告 电气安全 Machine with electric motor. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THESE WARNINGS Check the following: COULD RESULT IN DEATH OR SERIOUS BODILY INJURY. Operate this machine only on a supply equipped with a 30 mA earthed current- limiting circuitbreaker.Otherwise, consult At the work station, the sound our catalogue for appropriate models.
  • Page 7: Fitting The Blade

    组装 Fitting the blade Motor off. Disconnect by removing the plug. · Set the machine in the high position. · Disconnet the water pipe from the blade guard. · Unscrew the nut (K) from the guard. · Lift up guard (A). ·...
  • Page 8: 启动与停止

    启动与停止 开始前 · Fold down the front guide and position the machine so that the guide and the blade line up with the mark. Use only blades marked with a maximum operating speed greater than blade shaft speed. Take into account the working conditions from health and safety point of wiew.
  • Page 9: 启动与停止

    启动与停止 Electric motor : Transport ans storage · Switch on by pressing knob I on the circuit Switch off the disk prior to moving the breaker. machine on jobsite. · Open the water inlet tap (G). · Increase the engine speed to maximum. Remove the disk prior to hoisting,loading, unloading and transporting the machine on ·...
  • Page 10: Incidents During Sawing

    维修 Incidents during sawing Important recommendations The manufacturer declines all Several causes can result in the blade stopping in responsibility for loss or damage the sawing groove or the machine stopping: resulting from misuse or any · Tension of the belt. modification, alteration or powering that does not conform to the ·...
  • Page 11: 技术资料

    Tools : Diamond Blades - water cooled ∅ 350 mm or 400 mm or 450 mm - bore 25.4 mm EC 一致性声明 (仅适用于欧洲) Manufacturer, HUSQVARNA CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS FRANCE, 433 81 Partille, Sweden, herewith declares that the machine FS400LV conforms to the DIRECTIVES : · "MACHINES" modified (89/392/CEE) ·...
  • Page 12: 技术资料 1150382-73 2009-06-26 ´®z+RF;¶3i¨ ´®z+RF;¶3i¨...