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Monitor Screen And Alarm Function Setup - Sony SNT-V304 User Manual

Video network station.
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Monitor Screen and Alarm
Function Setup
(Application Design) icon is used to configure
the monitor screen display and to determine the
operation of the video network station when an alarm
event occurs. Clicking the "Application Design" icon
displays the following screen.
Clicking the
(Layout and Application Wizard)
icon displays the "Layout and Application Wizard".
When the wizard is first run, a screen appears on
which to select either [Layout] or [Application]
settings. Select [Layout] to configure the monitor
screen, or select [Application] to set alarm inputs and
alarm event responses.
Layout Settings
Which view do you
Select which image is to be initially
want to display as
displayed when the user accesses the
default when
monitor screen:
opening the Web
• Camera View
Displays the video camera image
• HSR View
Displays the HSR-1/1P/2/2P image
What type of
Select the image size for the monitor
image do you want
screen from the following:
to show in Web
• Fullsize
Display 352 × 240 NTSC or 352 ×
288 PAL
• Hugesize
Display 704 × 480 NTSC or 704 ×
576 PAL
What format do
Select the images and layout to be
you want ALL in
displayed on the monitor in the ALL
camera view to be
mode from the following:
• All cameras
All video camera images are
• Camera 1 and 2 horisontally aligned
Images of the video cameras
connected to VIDEO 1 and 2
terminals are displayed side by side.
• Camera 1 and 2 vertically aligned
Images of the video cameras
connected to VIDEO 1 and 2
terminals are displayed one above
the other.
Woud you like to
Select whether to display the Sony
display the Sony
logo at the top of the page: either [Yes]
(display) or [No] (no logo).
Please enter the
Enter an image display interval from 0
time for sequential
to 30 seconds for each of the four
video sources. Setting 0 for a video
source causes it to not be displayed on
sequential mode. Also, if a short
interval is set, the image may not be
displayed, depending on network
conditions and processing speed of
the computer.
Application Settings
Alarm Buffer,
A pre-determined amount of memory
is used to store images before and
after an alarm event. If the quantity of
images exceeds the allotted amount,
select whether to overwrite previously
stored contents, oldest first. Select
either [ON] (overwrite) or [OFF] (no
Alarm Pop-Up
Select whether a pop-up window
should appear when an alarm event
occurs: either [Enable] (display pop-
up) or [Disable] (no pop-up).
Switch image
Select whether to switch the display to
when Alarm is ON
the alarm-detecting camera when an
alarm event occurs: either [Enable] or
[Disable] switching.


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