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Sony SNT-V304 User Manual Page 17

Video network station.
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Setting Pan/Tilt Camera Preset Position
(Preset Positions) icon is used to set preset
positions for a pan/tilt camera.
The administrator can set and name up to 20 preset
positions for a video camera. Users can then position
the video camera quickly and accurately by merely
recalling a preset position.
Click the "Preset Positions" icon on the "Specific
parameter for Sony G20/G21 and Sony D30/D31"
The "Preset Positions" page appears in a new
Observe the sample video camera image while
adjusting the camera position using the [Pan],
[Tilt] and [Zoom] control bars. Refer to "Pan/Tilt/
Zoom Control" on page 28 for details.
Enter a name for the preset position in the [Current
position] text box.
Click the "Save" icon.
The name of the preset position is added to the
[Preset positions] drop-down list.
To delete an existing preset position, select the
name of the position in the [Preset positions] drop-
down list, and click the [Remove] button.
Click the [Close] button when finished with the
The "Preset Positions" page closes.
HSR-1/1P/2/2P Setup
(HSR) icon is displayed when HSR-1/1P/2/
2P is selected for the serial port usage. When an HSR-
1/1P/2/2P is connected to the video network station's
COM1 terminal, if the "HSR" icon does not appear
next to the "COM1" icon, reset the serial port usage by
referring to "Serial Port Settings" on page 18.
Click the "HSR" icon to display the "Sony HSR
Settings" page.
Use the
(SETUP) icon to make HSR-1/1P/2/2P
settings from the Web page. Clicking the "Setup" icon
displays the "SETUP MENU".
(MAINTENANCE) icon is used to display
information for servicing an HSR-1/1P/2/2P unit.
Clicking the "MAINTENANCE" icon displays the
"MAINTENANCE MENU". Refer to the HSR-1/1P/2/
2P Users Guide for details of HSR-1/1P/2/2P settings.
Before making any settings, see the following "HSR-1/
1P/2/2P Setting Precautions".
HSR-1/1P/2/2P Setting Precautions
• Always click the [SET] button after making a
To apply changed settings, the [SET] button must be
clicked on each page. Changes to settings will not be
saved unless you click the [SET] button.
• Display response may slow briefly while settings
are being saved.
Some display slow-down is normal while settings are
being stored in the HSR-1/1P/2/2P: this does not
indicate a problem with the video network station.


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