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Sony SNT-V304 User Manual Page 21

Video network station.
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Items that can be set are as follows:
Display date & time
Check this box to display the date
on image
and time with the video image.
Display text
Check this box to display text such
on image
as the camera title with the video
Enter the text to display to be
displayed (up to 16 characters).
Misc settings Color
Select whether the video image is to
be displayed as color or
Select one of the five video image
compression ratios. The highest
image quality is [Hyper], but this
requires the largest image file size
and network bandwidth.
Offset Adjustments
Enter the horizontal display position
of an image as the [X Offset], and
the vertical position as the [Y Offset].
Settable range is –4 to +4 (pixels) for
[X Offset], and –2 to +2 (pixels) for
[Y Offset]. The [Y Offset] setting is
valid only when the image display is
[Fullsize]. Verify the monitor screen
after changing settings, and correct
the setting values if the image does
not display correctly.
Setting the Video Input Modulation
Click the
(Video Input/Modulation) icon to
display the "Input/Modulation for Video 1" dialog
If only the current video source is to be set, select
[Video 1's] in the [Apply detection and settings to]
drop-down list. Otherwise, if all video sources are to
be set together, select [All Videos']. Then select the
modulation method for the video input: either by
manual setting or automatic detection.
Automatic Setting
Clicking the [Start] button initiates testing of the video
source to detect the modulation type to be assigned to
the selected source.
Manual Setting
Select a modulation type from the [Camera 1 input]
drop-down list, and click the "Save" icon to save the
z Hint
Several different video modulation standards are
currently used in different regions. The NTSC video
format, generally used in Japan and North America,
consists of images composed of 525 lines of resolution
displayed at 60 fields per second. The PAL (Phase
Alternating Line) video format, which is the common
European television standard, consists of images
composed of 625 lines displayed at 50 fields per
second. The video network station supports NTSC,
PAL and several other standards derived from them.


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