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Electrolux EIFLS20QS Series Use & Care Manual page 8

Washing machine
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Operating Instructions
Operating Your Washer, continued
Add laundry products to the dispenser.
For best results
Use a low-sudsing, high efficiency detergent to
prevent oversudsing in front load washers. Look for
this symbol on the detergent label:
Detergent, liquid chlorine bleach and liquid fabric softener
will be dispensed at the proper times in the cycle.
Open and close the dispenser drawer slowly. Closing the
drawer too quickly could result in early dispensing of the
bleach or fabric softener.
Use the cap or scoop provided by the detergent manufac-
turer to measure the amount recommended. Detergent dos-
age may need to be adjusted for water temperature, water
hardness, load size and soil level.
Do not mix liquids and powders.
Mainwash - Liquid Detergent
• Ensure the flap in the downward position.
• Add the recommended amount of liquid detergent to the
"Main Wash" compartment.
From time to time you may see water in the main wash
(liquid) chamber. This is part of the normal operation of the
Mainwash - Powder Detergent
• Ensure the flap in the upward position.
• Add the recommended amount of high-efficiency powder
detergent to the "Main Wash" detergent chamber.
Place the main detergent
flap in the downward position
for liquid detergent.
Place the main detergent
flap in the upward position
for powder detergent.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents