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Electrolux EIFLS20QS Series Use & Care Manual page 14

Washing machine
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Table of Contents
Operating Instructions
Other Features
My Favorites
After some time of initial usage, the washer will automatically
remember the 3 most used cycles with their settings and
options. To cycle through this list continue to press the My
Favorites button. Press Start after your desired cycle appears.
Door Lock Indicator
While the cycle is in progress the door lock indicator will be lit.
When the indicator is lit, do not force open the door. Wait until
the indicator is off.
A chime will sound at the end of the cycle when this option is
selected. The signal can be turned on or off by pressing the
fresh rinse and eco friendly icons at the same time.
Delay Start
Press delay start to select a wash time convenient to your
schedule or during off peak energy hours. The delay time
selected will be displayed and begin counting down when you
select Start.
Control Lock
To avoid having someone accidentally start or stop the
washer, press prewash and fresh rinse at the same time and
hold until the
indicator is lit. To unlock the controls, press
prewash and fresh rinse at the same time and hold until the
indicator is no longer lit.
Status Display/Timer
The estimated total cycle time will be displayed when the
cycle is selected. The time may increase if water pressure is
low, oversudsing occurs or the load becomes unbalanced.
The estimated remaining cycle time is displayed during the
Fresh Rinse Default
To programme your unit to perform a default fresh rinse at
the end of every compatible cycle, press prewash and delay
start icons simultaneously. Press fresh rinse to turn it off for
any given cycle while in default fresh rinse mode. To turn
default fresh rinse mode off, press prewash and delay start
again til fresh rinse light turns off.
door lock
My Favorites
cycle count down/
delay start timer
status display
Pump Cleanout/Manual Drain
In the event the washer will not drain under its own power due
to a power outage or clogged drain pump you can drain the
water left in the tub manually.
control lock
fresh rinse default
key combination
delay start
chime on/off
key combination
control lock
key combination
pump filter cleanout

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents