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Electrolux EIFLS20QS Series Use & Care Manual page 19

Washing machine
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Performing Manual Drain
In the event the washer will not drain under its own power due
to a power outage or clogged drain pump you can drain the
water left in the drum manually.
Do not attempt to manually drain the drum if it is full of hot
water. Allow water to cool before proceeding with manual
With a catch pan ready, pinch the two flaps on the sides drain
spout and flip it down.
Removing the pump cleanout door completely may be
necessary to place your catch pan under the drain spout.
When the water has stopped flowing, press the drain spout
back up and in until the outer flaps snap into place.
Cleaning Pump Filter
With the wash tub and drain hose drained of all water and
the drain spout snapped in place, follow these directions to
remove, clean, and reinsert the pump filter.
1. "Unscrew" the filter and pull it out.
2. Dump the filter and inspect the opening for any loose
3. Rinse the filter completely before putting it back in place.
Check to make sure O-ring is in place before reinserting
pump filter. Take care to not cross threads when turning
pump filter during reinsertion.
4. "Screw" filter back in place until it stops. The arrow on the
drain spout should be pointing upward.
5. Reinstall pump cleanout door if removed earlier.
You may have to add about 2 litres of clean water through the
mainwash detergent compartment to reprime the drain pump.
Care and Cleaning
Inspect for O-ring before
reinserting pump filter

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents