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Electrolux EIFLS20QS Series Use & Care Manual page 12

Washing machine
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Table of Contents
Operating Instructions
Steam Cycle Selection
To scroll through the steam cycles, continue to press the
steam cycles icon. The selected cycle will be displayed on
the text display.
• Steam may not necessarily be visible inside drum during
the steam cycles.
• Steam may not be present during entire cycle.
If washer is paused during the steam portion of a steam
cycle, the door will remain locked due to higher temperature
in drum. DO NOT force open - it will unlock upon cooling.
steam refresh
Refresh a small load of dry clothes with the perfect amount
of steam. Steam alone will infuse into the dry load as it
tumbles to refresh fabrics, remove odors, and release
wrinkles, reducing ironing. Remove load, hang or iron as
STEAM REFRESH is not a washing cycle. It is intended for
clean, dry clothes. Take care not to load items with stains.
normal with steam
Steam cycle for cotton, linen, towels, shirts, sheets, denims
and mixed loads.
casual with steam
Steam cycle for cycle for cottons and blends with a permanent
press or no-iron finish.
Specialty Cycle Selection
To scroll through the specialty cycles, continue to press the
specialty cycles icon. The selected cycle will be shown on
the text display.
fast wash
Quickly wash a small, lightly soiled load in 22 minutes.
Use this cycle for white fabrics and lightly colored clothing.
Refer to fabric care label for use of liquid chlorine bleach. Hot
water is recommended to ensure optimal bleach activation.
For peak rinsing performance and to avoid chlorine residues
on your laundry add fresh rinse to this cycle.
Designed for a small load of machine-washable woolen
items, the wool cycle uses gentle washing action along
with cold rinses to eliminate shrinking and damage to wool.
You may use an
wool detergent approved for front load
Washing wool garments labeled " Dry Clean Only " or using
chlorine bleach can result in permanent damage.
Select this specialty cycle for washing an entire load of
lightly to normally soiled denim jeans or similarly-colored
cotton khakis.
clean washer
To clean and freshen the washer, perform the clean washer
cycle. This maintenance cycle uses hot water and two cold
rinses to remove residue that may cause odor. See "Inside
Routine Cleaning (Preventive)" for detailed information
about the clean washer cycle.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents