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When To Change The Vacuum Bag - Maytag M700 Owner's Manual

Floor to ceiling cleaning and multi-surface performance
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When to Change the Vacuum Bag

The Full Bag Indicator Light is designed to
show when the bag is full or when there is
a clog in the vacuum.
The system measures airflow and alerts the
user when airflow is significantly reduced –
most commonly from a full bag or a clog.
The light could also come on when
vacuuming fine powders such as flour or
drywall dust. These materials can quickly
block the bag pores, significantly reducing
airflow before the bag is actually full. The
vacuum bag should still be changed.
The light may also come on during
attachment cleaning. If the light goes off
when attachments are no longer in use, the
vacuum bag does not need to be changed.
NOTE: The vacuum bags are disposable
and intended to only be used once. Do not
attempt to reuse the bag as suction and
filtration performance will be greatly reduced.


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