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When To Change The Filters; Replacing The Hepa Media Filter - Maytag M700 Owner's Manual

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When to Change the Filters

At minimum, it's recommended to replace
the filters once a year or after using twelve
vacuum bags, whichever comes first.
If someone in your household is
sensitive to airborne allergens, it is
recommended to change the filters
after every six vacuum bags.

Replacing the HEPA Media Filter

NOTE: Unplug the vacuum cleaner from the
electrical outlet before changing the filters.
• Remove the bag compartment cover.
• Locate the HEPA media filter on the front
of the vacuum.
• Remove the used filter and throw away.
Filters cannot be washed and reused.
• Press a new HEPA media filter into place
on the front of the vacuum.
• Replace the bag compartment cover
and press down on the latch to secure
it into place.


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