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Trouble Shooting; Visit Maytag Vacuums Online; How To Contact Your Authorized Retailer; Key Replacement Parts - Maytag M700 Owner's Manual

Floor to ceiling cleaning and multi-surface performance
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Trouble Shooting

WARNING! To Reduce the Risk of Electrical Shock or Injury From Moving Parts, Unplug
Before Servicing or Cleaning.
CAUTION! To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not handle plug or appliance with wet hands.
Vacuum won't turn on
Vacuum won't pick up or
low suction
Dust escaping from
Any other service should be done by an Authorized Maytag Vacuum Service Center.
To locate your nearest service center, visit our website at

Key Replacement Parts

• Genuine HEPA Media Vacuum Bags: M7H-6
• Genuine Vacuum Belts: M7B-2
• Genuine Filter: M7F

For Best Performance

• Keep your vacuum clean and in good operating condition.
• Change vacuum bags once a month or when the full bag light is illuminated to maximize
cleaning performance.
• Always use genuine Maytag™ vacuum bags and replacement parts. Use of other products may
result in poor cleaning performance, potential vacuum cleaner damage and may void vacuum
warranty. Genuine products are designed for maximum cleaning performance.
• Have your vacuum checked annually by your Authorized Maytag Service Center.
• Store your vacuum carefully in a dry area.
• For optimum cleaning performance and safety, follow your owner's manual instructions.
• Power cord not firmly
plugged in.
• Blown fuse or tripped
• Needs service.
• Vacuum bag full.
• Clogged filter.
• Hose clogged.
• Worn brushes.
• Bag compartment cover
is not installed properly
• Filters not installed
For telephone customer support please call 1-855-653-1114.
• Plug unit in firmly.
• Check house fuse or
breaker. Replace fuse /
reset breaker.
• Take to Authorized Maytag
Vacuum Service Center.
• Replace bag.
• Replace filters.
• Remove obstacle.
• Replace brush strips.
• Attach the bag
compartment cover
and secure latch.
• Review filter installation
(pages 15-16).


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