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Attachment Cleaning; Wand Cleaning; Adjusting The Suction Power For Tool Cleaning - Maytag M700 Owner's Manual

Floor to ceiling cleaning and multi-surface performance
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AttACHMent CleAnInG

Your vacuum is a comprehensive cleaning
system equipped with an upholstery tool,
dusting brush, crevice tool, telescopic wand
and a stretch hose.

Wand Cleaning

• Remove the Telescopic Wand from the
body of the vacuum by pulling it up and
out of the holder.
• Extend the wand by sliding the Wand
Extension Button forward while extending
the wand to desired length.
• Attach any of the tools to the end of the
Telescopic Wand.
• When finished with wand cleaning, insert the
wand back into the vacuum and secure it by
pushing the curved handle into the holder.
Adjusting the Suction Power for
Tool Cleaning
Full suction power may be too strong for
some cleaning situations. For example,
reduced suction power would be
appropriate for cleaning sheer curtains.
• On the back of the vacuum, locate the
Suction Control Dial and turn it to the
desired position. This reduces the suction
power coming through the hose. Close
the Suction Control Dial when finished to
restore full suction power.


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