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Replacing The Electrostatic Secondary Filter - Maytag M700 Owner's Manual

Floor to ceiling cleaning and multi-surface performance
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Replacing the Electrostatic
Secondary Filter
NOTE: Unplug the vacuum cleaner from the
electrical outlet before changing the filters.
The electrostatic secondary filter protects
the motor from dust and dirt. Before
installing a new vacuum bag, check the filter.
Accumulated dirt in the bag compartment
will be collected on this filter and may
restrict motor performance when the filter
becomes dirty.
• Remove the bag compartment cover.
• Locate the secondary filter on the bottom
of the bag compartment.
• Slide the used secondary filter out from
under the bag support.
• Insert a new filter by sliding it under
the bag support.
• Replace the bag compartment cover and
press the latch to secure it into place.
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