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Maintenance And Care; Annual Checkup; Power Cord Care; When To Change The Vacuum Bag - Maytag M1200 Owner's Manual

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Annual Checkup

To keep your vacuum in peak operating
condition, it is recommended you bring
your vacuum to an Authorized Maytag
Vacuum Service Center for an annual
checkup. The Service Center will
conduct a comprehensive examination
to ensure your vacuum is in top
operating condition.

Power Cord Care

• If the cord or plug has any apparent
damage, refrain from using the vacuum.
Please visit an Authorized Maytag
Vacuum Service Center for a new cord
or plug.
• When the vacuum is in use, hold the
cord to keep from running over it.
• Avoid obstructions and do not pull the
cord around sharp edges or corners.
• Always keep the cord away from
heated surfaces and never close doors
on it as this may cause damage to
the wiring.
• To unplug, always grasp the plug, not
the cord.

When to Change the Vacuum Bag

The Full Bag Indicator Light is designed
to show when the bag is full or when
there is a clog in the vacuum.

MAIntenAnCe AnD CARe

Yellow Warning Light Indicates
a Full Bag Condition
The light could also come on when
vacuuming fine powders such as flour
or drywall dust. These materials can
quickly block the bag pores, significantly
reducing airflow before the bag is
actually full. The vacuum bag should still
be changed.
The light may also come on during
attachment cleaning. If the light goes
off when attachments are no longer in
use, the vacuum bag does not need to
be changed.
Note: The vacuum bags are disposable
and intended to only be used once.
Do not attempt to reuse the bag, as
suction and filtration performance will
be greatly reduced.
Full Bag

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