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Thermal Motor Protection; Problem Solving Guide - Maytag M700 Owner's Manual

Floor to ceiling cleaning and multi-surface performance
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Thermal Motor Protection

WARNING! To Reduce the Risk of Electrical
Shock or Injury From Moving Parts, Unplug Before
Servicing or Cleaning.
Your vacuum is equipped with a safeguard to
recognize when the vacuum might overheat and
shuts off. Common reasons why a vacuum may
overheat include operating the vacuum with a
full bag or when there is a clog in the vacuum.
Check the headlight to verify that your vacuum
shut off due to the thermal motor protection.
If when the vacuum is turned on, the motor is
off, but the headlight is on then the thermal
motor protection system did shut off the vacuum.
If both the motor and the headlight are off,
then your vacuum is not working for some
other reason, like a pulled plug for example.
If the Thermal Motor Protection System shuts
off your vacuum, follow these steps:
• Unplug the vacuum.
• Inspect the vacuum for a full bag condition
or a hose clog and correct the problem.
• Locate the Thermal Motor Protection Reset
Button on the back of the vacuum. Press the
button and resume vacuuming.
If problem continues, contact your Authorized
Maytag Vacuum Service Center.
1. Unplug machine
2. Locate problem
source (clogged
hose or full bag)
Thermal Reset
3. Correct problem
4. Press reset button
If problem persists,
consult owner's manual
or contact retailer.


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