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Installing The Belt Cover; Installing The Foot Switch - Brother BE-438C Instruction Manual

Electronic lockstitch button sewer
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3-13. Installing the belt cover

3-14. Installing the foot switch

1. Insert the connector of the foot switch (3) into the connector (2) of the control box (1).
2. Install the foot switch (3) to the work table leg (12) with foot switch support plate A (4), foot switch support plate C (5), the
bolt (6), spring washer (7), flat washer (8), bolt (9), spring washer (10) and flat washer (11) as shown in Figure A.
If foot switch support plate B (13) is used in a back-to-front position, it can be used as shown in Figure. B.
1. Remove the screw (14) and rubber plug (15).
* Note that the spring (16) will come out when the screw (14) is removed.
2. Turn foot switch support plate B (13) back to front, and then install it with the bolt (17), spring washer (18) and flat washer
(19) as shown in Figure. B.
If using the foot switch without installing it to the work table leg, move the foot switch at least 10 mm away from the leg. If
the foot switch is not fully in contact with the work table leg when the foot switch is used, for example, if it is just hooked
loosely onto the work table leg, it may cause the sewing machine to operate incorrectly.
If using the optional two-pedal foot switch, change the setting of DIP switch A on the oreration panel while referring to
"Setting the presser mode" on page 45.
1. Loosen the screw (2) of the upper cover (1).
2. Insert the belt cover (3) in the direction of the arrow, and
then secure it with the screw (2) and the two screws (4).
Check that the cords do not get clamped by the belt cover
at this time.
* It is not necessary to remove the belt cover (3) when
tilting back the machine head.


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