Morso 7943 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

7900 series indoor fireplace


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Installation and Operating Instructions

7900 series
For use in North America
Morsø 7943
Read this entire manual before you install and use your new room heater. If this room heater is
not properly installed, a house fire may result. To reduce the risk of fire, follow the installation
instructions. Failure to follow instructions may result in property damage, bodily injury, or
even death.
Contact local building officials about restrictions and installation/inspection-requirements
in your area.
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Summary of Contents for Morso 7943

  • Page 1: Installation And Operating Instructions

    7900 series For use in North America Morsø 7943 Read this entire manual before you install and use your new room heater. If this room heater is not properly installed, a house fire may result. To reduce the risk of fire, follow the installation instructions.
  • Page 2 We congratulate you on your choice of a Morsø stove. Morsø has been producing some of the world’s best stoves since 1853. If you follow this installation- and operating instruction carefully, we can assure you many years of warmth and pleasure. Optional Accessories A wide range of accessories (such as handling gloves, fireside tools, glass cleaner and heatproof paint) are available for use with your Morsø...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS: Installation of your Morsø stove Checking loose parts in the stove The chimney / flue system Flue Connection Connection to existing chimney Positioning the stove Positioning the 7970 stove model Operation Before you start firing Lighting and loading intervals Maintenance Exterior maintenance Internal maintenance...
  • Page 4: Installation Of Your Morsø Stove

    1.0 Installation of your Morsø stove Installation of woodburning stoves must be safe and legal. If your Morsø stove is not installed correctly, it may cause a house fire. To reduce the risk of fire, the installation instructions must be followed carefully. Contact the local building officials about restrictions and installation inspection in your area.
  • Page 5: The Chimney / Flue System

    1.2 The chimney / flue system Note that the flue system must be independently secured and must not rely on the stove for support. DO NOT CONNECT THIS UNIT TO A CHIMNEY FLUE SERVING ANOTHER APPLIANCE Use a residential type masonry or listed type HT factory-built chimney. High Temperature (H.T.) Chimney Standard UL-103-1985 (2100º...
  • Page 6: Flue Connection

    1.3 Flue Connection The stove is supplied from the factory with a round blanking plate blocking off the top and rear flue exit (behind the rear shield plate). A flue collar are placed in the firebox area. Use a 24 MSG black or blue chimney connector or listed double wall chimney connector. Refer to local codes and the chimney manufacturer’s instructions for precautions required for passing a chimney through a combustible wall or ceiling.
  • Page 8: Positioning The Stove

    1.5 Positioning the stove Distance to walls and lintel When the stove is positioned near combustible materials, observe all current local and national building regulations with regards to clearances. Whatever regulations apply to your area, do not in any case install the stove within 8 inches of combustible materials around the sides or 16 inches above the top of the stove (fireplace installations require greater clearances above the stove - see below in the clearance chart).
  • Page 10: Positioning The 7970 Stove Model

    1.6 Positioning the 7970 stove model (wallmounted) The stove must be installed on a non-combustible wall. A suitable wall would be a brick- or a concrete wall The wall-mounting fixture is provided with four holes for mounting expansion bolts in the wall. The bolts must be sized to secure that the wall and the materials it is made from are capable of supporting the stove.
  • Page 11: Operation

    Note: Acid Protection If acid-washing the masonry around the stove, protect the stove surface with an acid-proof cover Fresh Air Inlet Unless there is deemed to be sufficient ambient leakage of air into the room via doorways, windows and the like, a dedicated fresh air inlet will be needed. This inlet should have 2 square inches (1250 square mm) of free air space.
  • Page 12: Lighting And Loading Intervals

    Choosing your fuel All types of natural wood can be burned on your stove, but they must be well seasoned and dry. Once the wood is cut to length, it should be split down middle - to suit the dimentions given below -to allowmoisture to evaporate.
  • Page 13 CAUTION: DO NOT BUILD THE FIRE TO CLOSE TO THE GLASS Step-by-step procedure 1. The air supply must be fully open. Move the control lever to the right position 2. For lighting the fire use 3-5 pounds of dry kindling wood. 3.
  • Page 14 6. A suitable layer of ember will be formed after about 15-20 minutes. 7. When ready to reload, use a poker to spread the embers across the firebox floor, bringing plenty towards the front of the stove. 8. Lay 2 pieces of wood onto the embers. Leave half an inch or more between each piece.
  • Page 15 Do not for any reason attempt to increase the firing of your heater by altering the air control adjustment range outlined in these directions. Warning: Fireplace stoves must never be left unattended with the door open. If the door is left partly open, gas and flame may be drawn out of the fireplace stove opening, creating risks from both fire and smoke.
  • Page 16: Maintenance

    Do not operate your stove if the glass in the door is damaged. WARNING: ALWAYS USE ORIGINAL MORSO GLASS SPAREPARTS Morso ceramic glass can not be substituted by other materials If you need to replace the glass, contact your Morsø dealer.
  • Page 17 Door glass replacement. 1. When you open the door, you will find two hinge pins, one in each hinge. Remove the two hinge pins, lift the door off the hinges and place it face down on a sheet of cardboard or other nonabrasive fabric.
  • Page 18: Cleaning The Stove And The Flue

    Gasket The gasket around the perimeter of the door may harden over a period of time. It should be replaced if it becomes difficult to close the doors or if air starts to leak in around the perimeter of the doors, causing the fire to become a little less controllable. A morsø rope gasket kit is available from your stove supplier.
  • Page 19 Chimney sweeping Inspect the system regularly during the heating season as part of a regular maintenance schedule. Establish a routine for the fuel, woodstove and firing technique. Check daily for creosote build-up until experience shows how often you need to clean to be safe. be aware that the hotter the fire the less creosote is deposited, and weekly cleaning may be necessary in mild weather even tough monthly cleaning may be enough in the coldest months.
  • Page 20: Leaving The Stove For Extended Periods

    3.4 Leaving the stove for extended periods Important: If the stove is to be left unused for any period of time, clean it out thoroughly and leave the air control slightly open to allow airflow. Make sure that the flue does not allow rainwater to come anywhere near the stove;...
  • Page 21: Parts Diagram

    3.5 Parts diagram for model Morsø 7900 7940 Base 7943 Bases 7990 Bases Low/Faible Medium/Moyen High/Grand Screw/Vis V - 54791721/07 Screw/Vis 73982500 73982500 Washer/ Rondelle Washer/ 7940 Base 7943 Bases 7990 Bases 736108 Rondelle Low/Faible Medium/Moyen High/Grand 736108 Nut/Écrou Screw/Vis...
  • Page 22 Screw/Vis Screw/Vis Flue Collar/ Flue Collar/ 73861400 73861400 Collier de serrage tuyau Collier de serrage tuyau P - 44100221 P - 44100221 V - 44100221/07 V - 44100221/07 Top plate/Plaque supérieure Top plate/Plaque supérieure P - 34790800 P - 34790800 V - 44790821/07 V - 44790821/07 Draught control/...
  • Page 23 Cover/Couvercle P - 34790900 V - 44790921/07 Screw/Vis 73861000 Tube Screw/Vis 54202500 731612 Screw/Vis Washer/Rondelle 731635 736106 Washer/Rondelle Convection plate/ 79189700 Plaque de convection P - 71790100 Screw Cover/Couvrir V - 54790121/07 731612 P - 71790900 Washer/ V - 54790921/07 Rondelle Washer/ Tube...
  • Page 24 Option: Option: Top Modules Fresh Air/Air frais Screw/Vis V - 54793321/07 Option: Option: 731612 Draught control/ Top Modules Screw/Vis Réglagetirage Fresh Air/Air frais Washer/ 71790400 73982500 Rondelle Screw/Vis 791891 Screw/Vis V - 54793321/07 Washer/ 73860800 731612 Rondelle 736108 Draught control/ Cover/Couvrir 71790600 Réglagetirage...

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