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Customer Questions
7. The cubes do not fall into bin as individual cubes.
8. Not enough ice is stored in the bin.

Sequence of Operation

On initial start-up or restart, closing of bin thermostat,
the toggle switch is in the ICE position:
1. The water solenoid valve and hot gas solenoid
valve are opened (energized) for 180 seconds
(three minutes). This ensures the ice making cycle
starts with fresh water, and the refrigerant
pressures are equalized prior to compressor
2. The compressor starts 175 seconds after the hot
gas solenoid valve and water solenoid valves are
3. The water pump and condenser fan motor are
energized. The hot gas solenoid valve and water
solenoid valves are de-energized (closed) five
seconds after the compressor starts. The unit is
now in the freeze cycle.
4. As the water pump circulates the water, an even
flow is directed across the evaporator and into
each cube cell, where it freezes. As the water
freezes, gravity causes any sediment to drop into
the water trough and not becoming imbedded in
the ice. This gives a clearer cube with low mineral
5. The control system automatically determines the
length of the freeze cycle by monitoring the
temperature of the refrigeration system "high side"
using a thermistor.
6. One minute prior to finishing the determined freeze
cycle, the control determines the length of the
harvest cycle by again monitoring the temperature
at the thermistor.
7. When the freeze cycle is completed, the control
de-energizes the water pump and the condenser
fan motor. The compressor remains running during
the harvest cycle. The control then energizes the
hot gas solenoid valve and water solenoid valve for
the duration of the harvest cycle. The hot
refrigerant gas warms the evaporator causing the
cubes to slide, as a sheet, off the evaporator and
into the storage bin. At the same time, the water
trough is being purged with fresh water.
7. Normal - You can use the scoop to break apart.
8. Check the level of the unit.
8. At the conclusion of the harvest cycle, the machine
returns to a new freeze cycle. The compressor
continues to run. The water pump and condenser
fan motor are energized. The hot gas solenoid
valve and water solenoid valves are de-energized

Automatic Shut-off

The ice machine shut-off is controlled by the level of
ice in the ice storage bin. When the bin is full, ice
contacts the bin thermostat bulb holder, which senses
the cool temperatures, then opens which stops the
ice machine. The ice machine will remain off until the
ice cubes no longer contact the bin thermostat bulb
holder. This causes the bin thermostat to warm and
close, restarting the ice machine.
When the ice machine restarts, it returns to the start-
up sequence (steps 1, 2, and 3).

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