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The ice maker is designed to make clear ice from most water sources on a
consistent basis. Water is constantly circulated over the evaporator assembly. As
the water freezes, gravity causes any sediment to drop into the water trough and
not become imbedded in the ice. This gives a clearer ice cube with a low mineral
content. When the ice reaches the desired thickness, it falls off the evaporator and
into the storage bin. The cycle is then repeated. When the level of ice reaches the
top of the storage bin the unit shuts off. As the ice level in the bin drops the unit will
automatically restart to keep the bin full. Your unit's ice production rate may vary
depending on many considerations. Ambient air temperatures, water
temperatures, condenser cleanliness and ice-maker cleanliness are all
contributing factors to how quickly the unit produces ice. Certain sounds are
normal during the unit's operation. You may hear the compressor or fan motor, the
water valve, the water circulation pump or ice dropping into the ice storage bin.

Ice Cube Thickness

Your Electrolux ice maker uses advanced technology to make ice that is crystal
clear. This technology cascades a flow of water over a chilled ice mold that is
mounted vertically so no water sits in it. Because of this ice making technology,
clear ice cubes differ significantly from regular ice cubes. Differences are
illustrated in Figure 27:
Figure 27
Dimples. Electrolux clear ice cubes
have "dimples" on one side from the
cascading water process.
Cube Variations. Cubes made from
different batches, or even cubes
within the same batch may have
varying dimples, thickness and/or
sizes due to the cascading water
Cube "slabbing". Electrolux clear
ice makers produce a "slab" of ice
that falls from the vertical mold,
relying on gravity to break the ice
bridges. Depending on the control
setting, and the fullness of the ice
bucket, it maybe necessary to tap the
ice slab with the ice scoop to break it


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