Leveling And Installation Requirements; Leveling The Unit; Installation Requirements - Electrolux Ice Maker Service Manual

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Leveling and Installation Requirements

It is extremely important that the unit is level.
If it is not level, the ice mold will not fill evenly. This can
cause a reduction in ice rate, uneven sized cubes or
water spilling into the storage area which will cause the
ice in the bin to melt prematurely.
Remember the floor surrounding a drain has a tendency
to slope towards the drain.

Leveling the Unit

1. Use a level to check the ice maker from front to back
and from side to side.
2. If the ice maker is not level, adjust the feet on the
corners of the unit as necessary.
3. Check after each adjustment and repeat the
previous steps as necessary until the unit is level.

Installation Requirements

• The unit may be built into a cabinet. There is no
minimum clearance requirement for the top, left or
right sides of the unit.
• The location must allow enough clearance for water,
drain, and electrical connections in the rear of
the unit.
• The location must not obstruct air flow to the front of
the unit.

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Table of Contents

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