Thermister; Check Light On Control Board - Electrolux Ice Maker Service Manual

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The thermistor senses the refrigeration system "high
side" temperature. This is used in conjunction with
the control board to determine the length of the freeze
and harvest cycles.
Thermistors generally fail due to moisture or physical
damage. Electrolux "high side" thermistors are
encased in a specially-designed, moisture-sealed alu-
minum block. The thermistor is also mounted to
the "high side" or "dry" portion of the refrigeration sys-
tem. This eliminates physical damage and
moisture concerns.
LED Light

Check Light on Control Board

The LED light on the control board serves three func-
1. Steady light - The control board has power to it and
operation is normal.
2. Slow flash - The control board has detected a
sensor problem. This will happen if the thermistor's
plug is disconnected from the control board. This
will also happen if the thermistor fails open.
3. Rapid flashing - This indicates the control board is
receiving a high heat signal from the thermistor. This
can be caused by a dirty condenser, inadequate air
flow (unit installed behind closed doors), failed
condenser fan motor, etc.
In both the slow flash and rapid flashing situations, the
unit will stop operation.

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Table of Contents

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