Electrolux EI15IM55GS Service Manual

Electrolux EI15IM55GS Service Manual

Under the counter ice maker
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Under the Counter Ice Maker
Service Manual
Models: EI15IM55GS, E15IM60GSS, and E15IM60GPS
5995504544 January 2008


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Electrolux EI15IM55GS

  • Page 1 Under the Counter Ice Maker Service Manual Models: EI15IM55GS, E15IM60GSS, and E15IM60GPS 5995504544 January 2008...
  • Page 2: Safe Servicing Practices - All Appliances

    Electrolux Home Products cannot be responsible, nor assume any liability, for injury or damage of any kind arising from the use of this manual.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Table of contents Safe Servicing Practices - All Appliances......2 Spills and leaks ..............23 Skin and Eye Contact ............23 Installation Combustibility of HFC-134a ..........24 Leveling ..................4 Leak Testing ...............24 Adjusting Door ................4 Bulk Delivery and Storage ..........24 Checking Door Alignment ............4 Filling and Charging Operations..........24 Adjusting Door Alignment ............5...
  • Page 4: Installation

    Installation Leveling 2. If the unit is not level, adjust the feet on the corner as necessary. See Figure 3. Rotating It is extremely important that the unit is level for the feet clockwise raises the unit. maximum protection. If it is not: •...
  • Page 5: Adjusting Door Alignment

    1" ± 1/32" 1" ± 1/32" ULIN_0310_A Installation Figure 6 ULIN_0295_A Adjusting Door Alignment 1. Remove top hinge screw pin using a Phillips oor to the top edge of screwdriver (Figure 7). Remove door by tilting forward and lifting off bottom hinge pin. Adjusting Door Alignment 4 Mount the door to recheck alignment and d parallel to the top of...
  • Page 6: Keypad Options

    Installation / General Instructions Adjusting Door Alignment 7 Adjust Drawer 1. Loosen (do not remove) top and bottom hinge screws Adjusting Door Alignment Keypad Options Adjusting Door Alignment 7 Adjust Drawer (Figure 11 and Figure 12). Checking Drawer Alignment Loosen (do not remove) top and bottom 1.
  • Page 7: Service Mode

    General Instructions Forced Defrost the control, touch any key and the degree symbol will begin to flash This will allow the unit to defrost quickly. For R and WC units, this is just an off cycle. For units with hot To exit this mode: If using software version 2.8, gas defrost, the unit will enter a hot gas defrost per this mode will exit automatically when the unit is...
  • Page 8: Service Information

    Service Information Service Menu 8 Display toggle status - 0 or 1 This will tell if the display should turn off with Enter the Service Menu by holding UP arrow and the door switch or not. At the “0” reading the pressing LIGHT key three times.
  • Page 9: Board Components

    Service Information Quick Reference Card E9 Thermister 4 open or shorted. All errors or combination show up as ER alternating Échelon Model Selection: with SP. P1 will alternate with SP and ICE for PIN 7 PIN 6 PIN 4 PIN 3 PIN 2 PIN 1 E11 EE Memory error.
  • Page 10: Electronic Control Quick Guide

    Service Information Electronic Control Quick Guide Échelon Electronic Control Quick Guide...
  • Page 11: Keypad Options

    Service Information Keypad Options actual temperature would read 35° F. In the unit this would cause the cabinet to push itself 3° cooler. to vire pure thermistor readings you must go into the WARNING Service Menu and choose the correct option. Electrocution can cause death or serious To view the thermistor temperature, hold the injury.
  • Page 12: Blackout / Sabbath Mode

    Service Information Blackout / Sabbath Mode 4 Defrost Information Displays the number of defrosts that have This mode allows for observation of holidays on occured in the past 24 hours. which lights cannot be activated. Hold the LIGHT 5 Compressor runtime based on last cycle key for 10 seconds until the °F starts flashing.
  • Page 13: Error Codes

    Error Codes Service Information E1 Thermistor 1 is open. E2 Thermistor 1 is shorted. E3 Main door or bottom drawer is open longer than 20 minutes. Error Codes E4 Compressor had 100% runtime between two defrost E1 Thermostor 1 is open. cycles.
  • Page 14: Thermister Types

    Thermistor Types Service Information Type 1 (Black) Resistance at 77°F = 10,000 Ohms ± 5% Operating range is 185,000 to 650 Ohms. Resistance goes down as temperature increases. Type 1 does not need to be calibrated and can be changed without changing other Thermistor Types wires or board.
  • Page 15: Filter Drier Installation

    Service Information Filter-Drier Installation Evacuating and Recharging Any time the sealed system is opened and the CAUTION refrigerant charge is removed, the liquid line filter- drier must be replaced and the system thoroughly Check the serial plate for the correct evacuated before recharging.
  • Page 16: Equipment Needed

    Service Information Equipment Needed for Evacuation & Evacuating System Recharging: WARNING • Heated charging cylinder R-134a systems are particularly susceptible • Standard 3-port manifold gauge set: to moisture contamination which can only be prevented by evacuating the system for a - 4 charging hoses minimum of 30 minutes to attain a minimum - Tee fitting with valve core stem removed...
  • Page 17: Charging The System

    Service Information Close hand shut-off valve to vacuum pump. Allow system to sit for five minutes. Watch compound gauge for several minutes. Turn on refrigerator compressor. Run If reading rises, there is a leak in the system, compressor for a few minutes and monitor go to step 6.
  • Page 18: Evacuating And Recharging Connections

    Service Information Evacuating and Recharging Connections Hot Tube Pressure Compound Evaporator Gauge Gauge Gauge Manifold T-Fitting Filter Drier Process Tube Adapters Heated Charging Cylinder Compressor 2 Stage Condenser Vacuum Pump...
  • Page 19: Verify Refrigerant Type In System

    Service Information Products using R-134a refrigerant will generally NOTICE have a longer capillary tube to maintain a similar Instructions given here are furnished as a guide. flow rate and some models will have a larger Persons attempting to use these instructions to condenser to reduce the discharge pressures and make repairs to the sealed refrigeration system lower start-up sound transmission.
  • Page 20: Water In The Refrigeration System

    Service Information At the earliest stage of development work on To achieve the required 29.9 inch (500 micron) R-134a, tests were carried out on a different type of vacuum, a properly maintained two-stage vacuum synthetic oil known as Poly-Alkaline Glycol (PAG). pump in good condition is required.
  • Page 21: Refrigerant Leaks

    Electrolux Home products does not approve the use of the Sweep Charge for sealed system repair. This method of servicing sealed systems we know is often used to repair products in the field.
  • Page 22: Hfc-124A, Cfc-12 Pressure Temperature Chart

    Service Information HFC-134a, CFC-12 Pressure Temperature Chart °F °C HFC-134a CFC-12 °F °C HFC-134a CFC-12 -51.1 21.8* 19.0* 12.8 51.1 52.0 -48.3 20.4* 17.3* 15.6 57.3 57.7 -45.6 18.7* 15.4* 18.3 63.9 63.8 -42.8 16.9* 13.3* 21.1 70.9 70.2 -40.0 14.8* 11.0* 23.9...
  • Page 23: Inhalation Toxicity

    Service Information Inhalation Toxicity Spills or Leaks HFC-134a poses no acute or chronic hazard If a large release of vapor occurs, such as from when it is handled in accordance with DuPont a large spill or leak, the vapors may concentrate recommendations and when exposures are near the floor or low spots and displace the oxygen maintained at or below the DuPont Acceptable...
  • Page 24: Combustibility Of Hfc-134A

    Service Information Filling and Charging Operations Always wear protective clothing when there is a risk of exposure to liquid HFC-134a. Where • Before evacuating cylinders or refrigeration splashing is possible, always wear eye protection equipment, any remaining refrigerant should and a face shield. be removed by recovery system.
  • Page 25: Ice Cube Thickness Adjustment

    Service Information Ice Cube Thickness Adjustment The ice cube thickness control is factory set for best overall performance. The factory setting is Interval - As Required designed to maintain an ice bridge of approximately 1/16” to 1/8” under normal conditions resulting in a Ice thickness adjustments are made using the dimple of approximately 1/4”...
  • Page 26: Operating Environments/Climate Control Requirements

    Service Information Model EI151M55GS Operating Environmental/Climate Control Requirements Defrost Information Many product models are designed to operate cations Hours between Defrost Time (Runtime): 6 in harsh outdoor/marine environments. Speial Length/min: considerations include the following: Stop Point: 42° • The units are desidned to operate between Compressor / Coil Specifications erious injury.
  • Page 27: Operation

  • Page 28: Thermister Outage

    Service Information Model CLR2160 Upon initial startup, this unit will enter mode number 5 means off. The relay information can be found in the which is a three-minute water fill regardless of the Control Section. thermistor temperatures. This only occurs when the intial Each relay can also be turned on and off individually to startup is caused by a power-up of the main board.
  • Page 29: Too Little Ice

    Service Information Model CLR2160 Poor ice quality WARMER and COLDER for five seconds. We’ll assume the display showed 38°F for this example. Go to service mode This can be caused by poor incoming water quality. The #24 and adjust the setting to that number. This will allow CLR2160 is designed to produce clear ice in most water;...
  • Page 30: Wiring Diagram

    Service Information Model CLR2160 Wiring Diagram ULIN_0262_A Ice Production Rates Ambient Temp/Water Temp °F Approximate Ice Production (lbs/day) 50/50 60/50 70/50 80/50 90/70 100/70 NOTE: These characteristics will vary depending on operating conditions, condenser cleanliness, installation and application.
  • Page 31: Prepare Plumbing

    Service Information Model CLR2160 Prepare Plumbing Gravity Drain CAUTION Plumbing installation must observe all state and local codes. All water and drain connections MUST BE made by a licensed/qualified plumbing contractor. Failure to follow recommendations and Waste instructions may result in damage and/or harm. Shut-Off Valve Drain Connection...
  • Page 32 Service Information Model CLR2160 Disposal Assembly Screws Back Panel Air Gap (Optional Hook-Up) Waste Cold Water Water Grommet Shut-Off Valve Water Drain Connection Fitting Power ULIN_0572_A Cord ULIN_0574_A Figure 5 Figure 7 3. Remove 12 screws and back panel. Spigot Assembly WARNING Air Gap (Optional Hook-Up)
  • Page 33: Locally Installed Drain Pump

    Service Information Model CLR2160 9. Unplug unit power cord from electrical outlet. • **(3) 11/16" to 1-1/4" Clamp range worm drive hose clamps 10. Reinstall back panel. • **(1) Brass garden hose fitting (supplied with product) To connect to drain: •...
  • Page 34 Service Information Model CLR2160 Drain Fitting from Back of Unit 9/16" Wrench 1/4" Copper Water 5/8" x 5/8" Supply Line Barb Connector Worm Clamps Drain Line 7/16" Wrench From Water Supply to Ice Maker ULIN_S_0168_A ULIN_S_0166b2_A Figure 10 Figure 12 3.
  • Page 35 Service Information Model CLR2160 front to back. For disposal connections an optional Disposal adapter may be required (included with the kit) to P60 Pump adapt from the 7/8" connection. Air Gap Required (Optional Hook-Up) 11. For the gravity/floor drain or the standpipe drains it is important to secure the drain tubing to those items to prevent it from coming loose.
  • Page 36: Self-Cleaning Cycle Instructions

    Cleaner (P/N 41978). CAUTION Use only U-Line Ice Machine Cleaner (P/N 41978). It is Use only Electrolux ice machine cleaner EIM41978. a violation of federal law to use this solution in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Use of any...
  • Page 37: Parts Information

    Model CLR2160 Parts Information Model CLR2160 8 Parts Section 8 Parts Section EI151M55GS Parts Section CLR2160 CLR2160 ULIN_S_0047_A ULIN_S_0047_A Figure 21 Figure 21 Item Description Figure Page Item Description Figure Page INTERIOR, CLR2160 INTERIOR, CLR2160 HINGE COMP HINGE COMP DOOR COMPONENTS DOOR COMPONENTS BASE ASSY, CLR2160 BASE ASSY, CLR2160...
  • Page 38 Parts Information Model CLR2160 Model CLR2 ULIN_S_0032b_C Figure 22 Item Description Part Number THERMISTOR (quick connect white) 68073 CIRCUIT BOARD ASSEMBLY 68072-S SWITCH JUMPER (included with 68072-S) 68080 CIRCUIT BOARD SUPPORTS (included with 68072-S) 41992 CIRCUIT BOARD SUPPORT (included with 68072-S) 41993 LIQUID LINE THERMISTOR (quick connect black) 68076...
  • Page 39 Parts Information Model CLR2160 Model CLR2160 ULIN_S_0085c_A Figure 23 ULIN_S_0085c_A Figure 23 Item Description Part Number BACK PANEL 11964-02 Item Description Part Number BACK PANEL SCREWS 41342 BACK PANEL 11964-02 SOLID HOLE COVER 42125 BACK PANEL SCREWS 41342 PERFORATED HOLE COVER SOLID HOLE COVER 42125 BLACK BUSHING...
  • Page 40 Parts Information Model CLR2160 Model CLR2160 ULIN_S_0075_A Figure 24 ULIN_S_0075_A Figure 24 Item Description Part Number STAND PIPE 31619 Item Description Part Number FRONT COVER 11868 STAND PIPE 31619 WELL NUT (included with 31613-S) 41979 FRONT COVER 11868 PRE-FORMED WHITE TUBE 31615-S WELL NUT (included with 31613-S) 41979...
  • Page 41 Parts Information Model CLR2160 Accessory only This is not a Replaceable part Model CLR2160 ULIN_S_0049a_A Item Description Part Number Figure 25 Black White Stainless Steel DOOR ASSEMBLY Right Hand 80-17071-01 80-17071-02 80-17071-03 Left Hand 80-17071-13 NAMEPLATE 23025 23025 23025 HANDLE ASSEMBLY 26071-01-S 26071-02-S HOLE PLUG (included with handle assembly)
  • Page 42 Parts Information Model CLR2160 ULIN_S_0064b_A Figure 26...
  • Page 43 Parts Information Model CLR2160 Model CLR2160 ULIN-P60-00_A Figure 27 ULIN-P60-00_A Figure 26 Figure 27 Figure 26 Item Description Part Number COMPRESSOR EMY70HER 70081-S Item Description Part Number PROCESS TUBE (included with 70081-S) 2819 COMPRESSOR EMY70HER 70081-S DRYER (included with 70081-S) 2693 PROCESS TUBE (included with 70081-S) 2819...
  • Page 44 Parts Information Model CLR2160 Model CLR2160 ULIN_S_0077_A Figure 28 ULIN_S_0077_A Figure 28 Item Description Part Number EVAPORATOR ASSEMBLY 2276-S Item Description Part Number HEAT EXCHANGER (included with 2276-S) 2725-S EVAPORATOR ASSEMBLY 2276-S PROCESS TUBE (included with 2276-S) 2819 HEAT EXCHANGER (included with 2276-S) 2725-S BYPASS TUBE (included with 2276-S) 2836...
  • Page 45: Customer Call Guide

    Customer Call Guide The warranty does not cover customer education calls. It has been reported that as high as 50% of all service calls performed are customer education calls. The following guide that been developed to help answer frequently asked questions. It can be used by persons scheduling service calls. Things to consider before scheduling a service call: Concern Response...
  • Page 46 Customer Call Guide Concern Response When I turn the unit on, all I Ounce the unit is turned on, there will be a three minute water fill. This get is water fill. ensures a fresh batch of water has filled the trough. If water flows more than three minutes, a service call will be required.

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