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Connecting A Drain Pump; Automatic Clean Cycle Instructions - Electrolux Ice Maker Service Manual


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Connecting a Drain Pump

Caution: Plumbing installation must observe all
state and local codes. All water and drain
connections MUST BE made by a
licensed/qualified plumbing contractor.
Failure to follow recommendations and
instructions may result in damage and/
or harm.
If a gravity drain connection is not available, Electrolux
strongly recommends the use of the Electrolux drain
pump. If your ice maker is not equipped with a factory
installed pump, a drain pump is available through your
Dealer, or direct Electrolux. If a pump other than the
Electrolux drain pump is to be used, it must meet the
following specifications:
• It must be UL listed and have a UL listed, 120 VAC,
3-wire grounded power cord.
• Overall maximum outside dimensions of 8-3/4" wide
x 5-3/4" deep x 7-3/4" high.
• Minimum flow rate of 15 gallons per hour at 10 feet
of lift.
• It must have a sealed sump which does not allow
water leakage in the case of a power outage,
restricted drain or pump failure.
• It must have a check valve in the discharge line to
prevent waste water return to the pump.
• It must have an overflow protection control which
will shut off power to the ice maker in the event of
a pump failure.
• Operating temperature range of 50°F to 110°F (10°C
to 40°C).
If your ice maker is not equipped with an Electrolux drain
pump or an equivalent drain pump, severe damage and
costly repair could result in the event of a power out-
age, restricted drain or pump failure.

Automatic Clean Cycle Instructions

To maintain operational efficiency, clean unit every six
months (depending on water conditions more or less
frequent cleaning may be necessary). If the ice maker
requires more frequent cleaning, consult a qualified
plumber to test the water quality and recommend ap-
propriate treatment. Use only Electrolux Ice Machine
Caution: Use only Electrolux Ice Machine Cleaner.
It is a violation of Federal law to use this
solution in a manner inconsistent with
its labeling. Use of any other cleaner can
ruin the finish of the evaporator and will
void the warranty. Read and understand
all labels printed on the package before
use. Ice machine cleaner is used to
remove Lime scale and other mineral
deposits. Refer to the following steps for
mineral deposit removal.
1. Set the cycle selector switch (located in the center
of the grille) to OFF. Allow the ice to melt off of the
2. Remove all ice from the storage bin.
3. Remove inside front cover by gently pulling away
from side wall.
4. Remove the overflow tube by lifting it up while using
a slight back and forth motion to loosen it from the
drain hole.
The water in the reservoir will flow down the drain.

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