General Information; Safety Precautions; Door Adjustment - Electrolux Ice Maker Service Manual

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Safety Precautions

Do not attempt to service or repair the unit until you
have read the entire procedure. Safety items through-
out this manual are labeled with Danger, Warning or
Risk of child entrapment. Before you throw away an
old refrigerator or freezer: Take off the doors, leave
shelves in place so that children may not easily climb
• Never attempt to repair or perform
maintenance on the unit until the
electricity has been disconnected.
• Altering, cutting of power cord,
removal of power cord, removal of
power plug, or direct wiring can
cause serious injury, fire and/or
loss of property and/or life and will
void the warranty.
• Do not lift unit by door handle.
• Never use an ice pick or other sharp
instrument to help speed up defrosting. These
instruments can puncture the inner lining or
damage the cooling unit.
• Failure to clean the condenser every three months
can cause the unit to malfunction. This could void
the warranty.
• Never install the unit behind closed doors. Be sure
front grille is free of obstruction. Obstructing free
air flow can cause the unit to malfunction, and may
void the warranty.

Door Adjustment

All model doors are aligned at the factory before ship-
ment. Occasional readjustment may be necessary, es-
pecially if an Overlay Panel is installed. The following
procedure will correct for up to 1/4" alignment.
The door should never be flush with the top of the cabi-
net. Even when level, the top edge of the door will be
1/8" below the top of the cabinet
To adjust door:
1. Compare the top edge of the door (opposite the
hinges) to the top edge of the cabinet and note the
type (up or down) of adjustment needed.
2. Remove the top hinge pivot pin with a 7/64" hex
wrench and lift door off bottom hinge

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents