Unit Produces Shallow Or Incomplete Cubes Or The Ice Fill Pattern On The Grid Is Incomplete; Not Freezing Compressor Not Running / Fan Operating; Not Freezing (Compressor And Fan Not Operating); If The Unit Has A Drain Pump - Electrolux Ice Maker Service Manual

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13. Unit produces shallow or
incomplete cubes or the ice fill
pattern on the grid is incomplete.
14. Not freezing compressor not
running / fan operating.
15. Not freezing (compressor and
fan not operating)

16. If the unit has a drain pump.

a. Low water level.
b. Low water pressure.
c. Unit is not level.
d. Operating unit without back or
front panel.
e. Bad thermister.
f. Bad control board.
a. Bad overload (open).
b. Bad compressor.
a. No electrical power to unit.
b. Rocker switch defective or wired
a. Drain tube kinked or obstructed.
b. Bad pump. Diagnose by
bypassing the pump. Pull both
pink wires from control board and
jump the two terminals together.
If unit starts up, then the pump is
c. Open wire in wiring harness.
a. Check that standpipe is fully
seated inside water trough.
b. Check water pressure into water
valve (pressure should be 20 to
120 psi).
c. Level unit to assure even water
flow. Uneven water flow will
reduce ice rate and cause
incomplete cubes. See Leveling
Instructions in manual.
d. Install back or front panel. The
unit will harvest ice according to
temperatures of tubing at
condensing coil. Increased air
flow will give the thermister false
information. This info could cause
the ice to eject prematurely.
e. Replace thermister.
f. Replace control board.
a. Replace overload.
b. Replace compressor.
a. Make sure unit is plugged in and
outlet has power.
b. Make sure switch is wired
correctly and set in "ICE" position.
a. Clear the tubing. If water cannot
drain from pump, unit will shut
down due to safety design of
b. Change pump. Jumping the two
terminals on control board
together with a jumper wire will
eliminate pump from the circuit.
c. Trace defective wire and repair
or replace parts accordingly.

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