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Operation - Qualcast cgt183a Operating Instructions Manual

18 volt cordless grass trimmer
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3. HoW to cHARGe youR BAtteRy PAck
(See fig H)
Connect the battery charger to the power
supply and the green light will illuminate.
Then, put the charger base on battery pack
to make connections and the light will turn
to orange to show charging has started.
A discharged battery at normal ambient
temperature will take approximately 3-5
hours to reach full charge. When charging is
complete, unplug the charger and remove
the battery pack.
WARNING: When battery charge runs
out after continuous use or exposure
to direct sunlight or heat, allow time for the
battery to cool down before re-charging to
achieve the full charge.
Note: The charger will not automatically
switch off when the battery is fully charged,
and the red light indicator will remain
on. Do not leave your battery on charge
continuously. This may damage the battery
cells. If the battery pack is very hot you must
allow it to cool first to ambient temperature
and then recharging can be started. If you
charge a second battery pack immediately
after the first one, then the charger adapter
can be overheated. Always allow at least 15
minutes rest between battery pack charging.
4. to ReMove oR INStAll BAtteRy PAck
(See fig I)
Locate latches on side of battery pack and
depress both sides to release battery pack
from your grass trimmer. Remove battery
pack from your grass trimmer. After recharge
18 Volt
cordless grass trimmer
Original instructiOns
insert the battery pack into grass trimmer's
battery port. A simple push and slight
pressure will be sufficient.
5. oPeRAtING tHe oN/off SWItcH (See fig j)
Your switch is locked off to prevent
accidental starting. Depress lock off button
then on/off switch and release lock off
button. Your switch is now on. To switch off,
simply release the on/off switch.
switched off, wait until it has stopped then lay
down the tool.


Rocks or debris can ricochet or be thrown
into eyes and face and cause blindness or
other serious injury. When operating unit,
WARNING: The cutting head continues
to rotate after the trimmer has been
WARNING: Always wear eye protection.
Never lean over the trimmer head.
HElPlinE nO 0844 8010979

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