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Qualcast cgt183a Operating Instructions Manual page 9

18 volt cordless grass trimmer
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check for the following:
Wear eye protection and heavy clothing.
Hold front handle with one hand and
auxiliary handle with the other hand. Keep
unit below waist level. Work only from your
right to your left to ensure debris is thrown
away from you. Without bending over,
keep line near and parallel to the ground
(perpendicular when edging). Do not switch
the machine on with the cutting head
on or near material to be cut. Ensure the
cutting line is at full speed before contacting
material to be cut.
WARNING: Make sure that line is fed out
before operation. Make sure motor is
up to full speed before trimming.
1.Let the trimmer run for a few seconds
without touching the working area, and
allow the trimmer to cut the line.
2.Use the trimmer at an angle of
approximately 20-degree to the working
area. (See K)
3.Swing the trimmer from side to side. (See L)
18 Volt
cordless grass trimmer
Original instructiOns
4.If the grass is very long cut in stages rather
than trying to cut in one go. Do not overload
your trimmer, take small cuts this will keep
machine operating at high speed and will
greatly improve cutting efficiency.
(See M and N)
5.cutting close to a wall
Use the outside edge of the guard as a guide
when cutting close to an edge (See Fig O).
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