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Qualcast cgt183a Operating Instructions Manual page 10

18 volt cordless grass trimmer
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6.cutting edges
To edge, rotate the shaft 180
guide and trimmer head above the surface
you are going to edge, as shown in Fig P.
AutoMAtIc lINe feed SySteM
When initially switching on the trimmer, a small
length of line is fed out.
A 'clattering' noise will be heard when the
lines hit the line cutter. DO NOT BE ALARMED
this is quite normal. After about 5 seconds the
line will be cut to the correct length and the
noise will reduce as the motor achieves full
If the noise of the line being cut can't be
heard, more line will be fed out.
To feed more line, it is first necessary to allow
the trimmer to stop completely, then restart,
allowing the motor to reach full speed.
Repeat above until you hear the lines hitting
against the line cutter. (Do not repeat this
procedure more than 6 times).
to MANuAlly feed tHe lINe (See fig Q)
If required, line can be fed out manually.
To operate, press and release manual line
feed button (18), while gently pulling out the
lines until the lines reach the line cutter.
When the required amount of line is fed out,
gently pull on the second line (there is no
need to press the manual line feed button
If the line extends past the line cutter, too
much line has been fed out.
If too much line is fed out, remove the spool
cap and turn spool counter-clockwise until
18 Volt
cordless grass trimmer
Original instructiOns
the line is at the desired length.
. Place edge
to ReMove tHe cuttING HeAd coveR
(See fig R,S)
Press the release latch on the spool head
cover and remove cover, pulling it straight off
the cutting head assembly.
Pull the cutting head cover away from the
spool holder.
HElPlinE nO 0844 8010979

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