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Fitting The Auxiliary Handle - Qualcast cgt183a Operating Instructions Manual

18 volt cordless grass trimmer
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Note: Before using the tool, read the
instruction book carefully.
WARNING! The guard must always be
on the tool to protect the user.
1. fIttING tHe edGe GuIde WHeel (See fig A)
Select the edge guide wheel. Locate onto
the motor housing. Carefully select the two
fixing screws. Secure in position. Check that
the edge guide wheel is properly located
and secured.
2. fIttING tHe GuARd (See fig B)
Fix the safety guard to the trimmer head
making sure the sides are located into the
grooves on the trimmer head.
Secure the safety guard onto the trimmer
head with the screw provided.(assembled on
the guard).
18 Volt
cordless grass trimmer
Original instructiOns
cutting edge. (See Fig C)
Use of the unit without having installed the
guard will cause the motor to overheat, and
void the warranty.

3. fIttING tHe AuxIlIARy HANdle

(See fig d1)
Note: This may already be pre-fitted to the
trimmer. However the following instructions
give full assembly details.
1) Locate the auxiliary handle to the bracket.
Note its orientation.
2) Insert the bolt through the bracket and the
handle and screw into the captivated nut.
Tighten using the large adjustment wheel.
4. AdjuStING AuxIlIARy HANdle (See fig d2)
Unscrew the auxiliary handle locking knob.
WARNING! Take great care when doing
this as the guard has a very sharp
WARNING! Never operate the tool
without the guard properly in place.
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