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Qualcast 30cc Original Operating Instructions

Petrol lawn trimmer
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QG-PT 3043; EX; UK
Petrol Lawn Trimmer
Artikel-Nr.: 3401871



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  • Page 1 QG-PT 3043; EX; UK Artikel-Nr.: 3401871 Petrol Lawn Trimmer Ident-Nr.: 11010...
  • Page 2 Komponenten / Ersatzteile Position Artikel-Nr. Beschreibung 340187001001 ENG ASY 0,76 kW / 1,03 PS 340187001005 Stop Switch 340187001022 Knob ASY 340187001049 Bag Front gebogen 340187001051 Harness 340187001901 Kit; String Head 340187001903 Cover 340187001904 Handle Assy. 340187001905 Connect Assy. Führungsholm...
  • Page 3 ENG ASY Artikel-Nr.: 340187001001 0,76 kW / 1,03 PS Ident-Nr.:...
  • Page 4 Komponenten / Ersatzteile Position Artikel-Nr. Beschreibung 340187001104 Sponge 1 340187001105 Sponge 2 340187001117 Carburetor 340187001118 Carburetor gasket 340187001119 Carburetor seat 340187001123 Spark plug TORCH L8RTC 340187001124 Cylinder 340187001125 Gasket of cylinder 340187001126 Piston ring 2pcs 340187001127 Piston 340187001128 Piston pin 340187001129 Piston pin retainer 2 pcs 340187001133...
  • Page 5 STARTING SYSTEM WITH ROTOCHOKE. Quick and easy to start. 43CM GRASS TRIMMING CUTTING WIDTH. Large diameter for fast and easy trimming. POWERFUL 30CC 2 STROKE PETROL ENGINE. Ideal for medium to large gardens. TWIN-LINE BUMP-FEED SPOOL. Automatic line feed for continuous trimming.
  • Page 6 Contents Safety Guide Assembly and Parts list Getting Started Operation Trouble Shooting Declaration of Conformity Guarantee Certificate Helpline No. UK 0151 649 1500 / IRE 189 094 6244...
  • Page 7 Explanation of the information signs on the equipment: 1. Warning! 2. Read the instructions for use before operating the equipment. 3. Wear safety goggles, a face guard and ear defenders. 4. Wear sturdy, non-slip footwear. 5. Wear safety gloves. 6. Protect the equipment from rain and damp. 7.
  • Page 8: Safety Information

    Safety Information Handling 1. Wear close fitting, tough work clothing that 1. Read the instructions with due care. Familiarize will provide protection, such as long slacks yourself with the settings and proper operation or trousers, protective footware, heavy duty of the machine. work gloves, hard hat, a safety face shield, 2.
  • Page 9 bystanders and also damage equipment. 8. DO NOT OPERATE UNIT FOR PROLONGED If an object is hit accidentally, turn the PERIODS. Rest periodically. engine off immediately and examine 9. DO NOT OPERATE UNIT WHILE UNDER THE the equipment. Never operate unit with INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL OR DRUGS.
  • Page 10 Helpline No. UK 0151 649 1500 / IRE 189 094 6244...
  • Page 11 Helpline No. UK 0151 649 1500 / IRE 189 094 6244...
  • Page 12 Helpline No. UK 0151 649 1500 / IRE 189 094 6244...
  • Page 13 Helpline No. UK 0151 649 1500 / IRE 189 094 6244...
  • Page 14 Helpline No. UK 0151 649 1500 / IRE 189 094 6244...
  • Page 15 Helpline No. UK 0151 649 1500 / IRE 189 094 6244...
  • Page 16 2. Machine description and items Important! When using the equipment, safety supplied (Fig. A – C) precautions must be observed to avoid injuries and damage.Please read the 1. Cutting head complete operating instructions and safety 2. Cutting line regulations with due care. Keep this manual 3.
  • Page 17: Technical Data

    4. Technical data the lower long handle (Fig. E/Item D) latches securely in the connecting piece. Now retighten the star grip screw (Fig. D/Item Engine type: 2-stroke engine, air-cooled, A). To dismantle, proceed in reverse order. chrome cylinder Engine power (max.): 0.76 kW/1.03 hp 5.1.2 Fitting the guard hood (Fig.
  • Page 18: Operation

    Important: Never allow the starter cable 5.3 Fuel and oil Recommended fuels to snap back. This may damage the Use only a mixture of normal unleaded petrol machine. and special 2-stroke engine oil. Mix the fuel Important: The cutting tool starts to operate mixture as indicated on the fuel mixing table.
  • Page 19 6.3 Switching off the engine TRIMMING / MOWING Emergency Stop procedure: Swing the trimmer in a side to side motion. If it becomes necessary to stop the machine Always keep the cutting head parallel to the immediately, set the ON/OFF switch to “Stop” ground.
  • Page 20: Spare Parts

    WARNING: Do not remove any objects from (Fig. N4). footpaths, etc. using the trimmer. • Wind the line with tension in a clockwise The trimmer is a powerful tool and can throw direction as shown in the illustration (Fig. small stones and other objects a distance N5), with the two halves being separated of 15 meters or more, causing injuries and by the spool divider.
  • Page 21 Check the spark plug for dirt and grime Setting the throttle cable: after 50 hours of operation and if necessary If the maximum speed of the machine clean it with a copper wire brush. Thereafter falls over time and you have ruled our service the spark plug after every 50 hours of all the other causes listed in section 9 operation.
  • Page 22: Disposal And Recycling

    7.3 Storage 7.4 Transport Please note: If you fail to follow these instructions To transport the machine, first empty the correctly, deposits may form on the interior of the petrol tank as described in section 2 in the carburetor which may result in the engine being section entitled “Storage”.
  • Page 23: Trouble Shooting

    9. Troubleshooting FAULT POSSIBLE CAUSES TROUBLESHOOTING The machine does not start. - Correct starting - Follow the instructions procedure not followed. for starting. - Sooted or damp - Clean the spark plug or spark plug. replace it with a new one. - Incorrect - Contact Helpline: carburettor setting.
  • Page 24 Please adhere to the following maintenance periods in order to ensure a failure-free operation. Important! Fill in engine oil and fuel before starting up the engine for the first time. After an After an After an After an Before operating operating operating operating...
  • Page 25 Notes Helpline No. UK 0151 649 1500 / IRE 189 094 6244...
  • Page 26: Declaration Of Conformity

    Declaration of conformity The reprinting or reproduction by any other means, in whole or in part, of documentation and papers accompanying products is permitted only with the express consent of ISC GmbH. Helpline No. UK 0151 649 1500 / IRE 189 094 6244...
  • Page 27: Guarantee Certificate

    GUARANTEE CERTIFICATE Dear Customer, In the unlikely event that your device develops a fault, please contact our Customer service department on the telephone number shown below. 1. These guarantee terms cover additional guarantee rights and do not affect your statutory warranty rights. Claims must be accompanied by Proof of Purchase.

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