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Troubleshooting; Maintenance And Storage - Qualcast cgt183a Operating Instructions Manual

18 volt cordless grass trimmer
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WHeN RefIttING tHe SPool cAP
Keep all areas of the cutting head cover and
spool holder clean.
Replace the spool head cover, pressing firmly
down towards the spool holder to ensure the
cover is fully located.
Check that the cap is correctly fitted by
trying to remove it without depressing the two
to RePlAce cut lINe
For your convenience it is recommended you
buy spool and line complete.
to fIt SPool ANd lINe coMPlete
Remove old spool.
Place new spool into cutting head with cut
out areas of the spool in line with eyelets.
Release line from cleat and feed line through
Refit the spool head cover.
to fIt NyloN lINe oNly:
WARNING! Take approximately 4m of
line. Insert 15mm of line into the spool
holes and wind line in the direction of the
arrows on the top of the spool.
Your Trimmer is designed to use only line with
a maximum diameter of 1.45mm.
IMPoRtANt: Leave approximately 100mm of
line unwound and place into cleat.
Care should be taken to ensure that the line
is neatly coiled on the spool. Failure to do so
will impair the efficiency of the automatic line
Then fit spool as described in "To fit spool and
line complete".
MaintEnancE anD
Important note: Always remove battery
before cleaning, repair and storage.
1. Always remove the battery pack
whenever you carrying out any cleaning
or repair.
2. Your tool requires no additional lubrication
or maintenance. There are no user
serviceable parts in your tool.
18 Volt
cordless grass trimmer
Original instructiOns
3. Never use water or chemical cleaners to
4. Always check the cutting head and guard
5. Always store your power tool in a dry
6. Keep the motor ventilation slots clean.
7. Have the unit professionally repaired


Although your new cordless grass trimmer is
really easy to operate. If you do experience
problems, check the following:
1. If grass trimmer will not operate
• Check the battery pack assembly.
• Charge the battery: running of the grass
trimmer is dependent upon sufficient charge
in the battery pack.
2. If the battery will not charge
Check to see if the battery is properly inserted
the charger base, and make sure the
indicator light is on, if not check the plug and
fuse connected with supply.
3. If the trimmer is not cutting properly
Check the condition of the cutting head, if
the cutting line is too short or cutting head
Note: Do not use damaged cutting head.
4. If a fault is suspected return the trimmer to
an authorised dealer for repair.
Note: There are no user serviceable parts in
the trimmer.
clean your power tool. Wipe clean with a
dry cloth.
before each use.
should any damage occurs.
HElPlinE nO 0844 8010979

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