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Charging Your Battery Pack - Qualcast cgt183a Operating Instructions Manual

18 volt cordless grass trimmer
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The auxiliary handle's bracket can be moved
up or down on the shaft and the auxiliary
handle itself can be moved forward or
backward into 5 different locked positions
Then tighten the auxiliary handle locking
5. AdjuSt tHe HeIGHt (See fig e)
To adjust the telescopic shaft, simply pull the
height adjustment locking collar down and
pull the bottom section of the shaft down to
the desired height. It will click into one of the
notches on the shaft, and lock into place.
Release the locking collar to lock the shaft
into place.
6. AdjuSt tHe HeAd RotAtIoN (See fig f,G)
Pull Handle rotation locking collar and turn
the top of the shaft 180
(The head will only move in one direction).
Release the locking collar to lock shaft in
18 Volt
cordless grass trimmer
Original instructiOns
OPEratiOn instructiOns

1. cHARGING youR BAtteRy PAck

WARNING: The charger and battery
pack are specifically designed to
work together so do not attempt to use any
other devices. Never insert or allow metallic
objects into your charger or battery pack
connections because an electrical failure
and hazard will occur.
2. BefoRe uSING youR coRdleSS GRASS
Your battery pack is UNCHARGED and you
must charge once before use. When you
charge the new battery or one which has
not been used for long periods of time, it may
not reach full charge until after you have
discharged it fully in use and recharge it
several times.
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