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Section of a music piece or an image on a data
CD containing MP3 audio tracks or JPEG files.
Subdivision of a title on a DVD. A title is
composed of several chapters.
Digital Cinema Auto Calibration
Digital Cinema Auto Calibration was developed
by Sony to automatically measure and adjusts
the speaker settings to your listening
environment in a short period of time.
Digital Direct Twin Drive Subwoofer
Utilizing Sony's proprietary S-Master
technology, the Digital Direct Twin Drive
Subwoofer features two S-Master Digital
Amplifiers that provide dedicated power to a
strategically located subwoofer for astounding
sound performance. Easy to set up, Digital
Direct Twin Drive Subwoofer provides a stable
sound field over a much larger listening area
without having to adjust frequency levels.
Digital video technology created by DivX, Inc.
Videos encoded with DivX technology are
among the highest quality with a relatively small
file size.
Dolby Digital
This movie theater sound format is more
advanced than Dolby Surround Pro Logic. In
this format, the surround speakers output stereo
sound with an expanded frequency range, and a
subwoofer channel for deep bass is
independently provided. This format is also
called "5.1" with the subwoofer channel
designed as the 0.1 channel (since it functions
only when a deep bass effect is needed). All six
channels in this format are recorded separately
for superior channel separation. Furthermore,
since all the signals are processed digitally, less
signal degradation occurs.
Dolby Pro Logic II
Dolby Pro Logic II creates five full-bandwidth
output channels from 2 channel sources. This is
done using an advanced, high-purity matrix
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surround decoder that extracts the spatial
properties of the original recording without
adding any new sounds or tonal colorations.
x Movie mode
The Movie mode is for use with stereo television
shows and all programs encoded in Dolby
Surround. The result is enhanced soundfield
directionality that approaches the quality of
discrete 5.1-channel sound.
x Music mode
The Music mode is for use with any stereo music
recordings, and provides a wide and deep sound
Dolby Surround Pro Logic
As one method of decoding Dolby Surround,
Dolby Surround Pro Logic produces four
channels from 2 channel sound. Compared with
the former Dolby Surround system, Dolby
Surround Pro Logic reproduces left-to-right
panning more naturally and localizes sounds
more precisely. To take full advantage of Dolby
Surround Pro Logic, you should have one pair of
surround speakers and a center speaker. The
surround speakers output monaural sound.
Digital audio compression technology
developed by Digital Theater Systems, Inc. This
technology conforms to 5.1-channel surround.
This format comprises of stereo rear channel and
there is discrete subwoofer channel in this
format. DTS provides the same 5.1 discrete
channels of high quality digital audio. The good
channel separation is realized due to the all
channel data being recorded discretely and
processed in digitally.
A disc that contains up to 8 hours of moving
pictures even though its diameter is the same as
a CD.
The data capacity of a single-layer and single-
sided DVD, at 4.7 GB (Giga Byte), is 7 times
that of a CD. Furthermore, the data capacity of a
dual-layer and single-sided DVD is 8.5 GB, a
single-layer and double-sided DVD 9.4 GB, and
a dual-layer and double-sided DVD 17 GB.
The picture data uses the MPEG 2 format, one of
a worldwide standard of digital compression
technology. The picture data is compressed to


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